Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pulling a Bella in the Board Room

You would think a board meeting would involve these sweet treats.......

But NO....I work for the State of Alabama and we can't afford luxuries like those! Instead it's this:

So yesterday I pulled a Bella/KStew at work....See, I am an auditor for the state, and I audit local community colleges. Yesterday, I had a board meeting where I met with CFOs and Presidents and stuff at one of my colleges (and I completely speak that way, ask Grey, I'm embarassing in public)...

You wouldn't believe this if you were to ever meet me, but I am deathly afraid of PUBLIC SPEAKING! I actually took my Speech Class for College ONLINE....I went in ONE time to do ONE SPEECH and ALMOST PUKED EVERYWHERE! (Don't be ashamed--didn't Brando take that same class?? Grey)

Well I "uuhhed" and "ummmed" through the whole thing meeting, all while turning more and more bright red....BUT THANKFULLY I didn't drop anything....

...unlike some people would have, so I give myself PROPS! (I bet it was actually kind of cute, like KStew! This was the exact moment I fell in love with her, btw. Grey)

But even though I didn't drop anything, I did have my boss lean over during the meeting and tell me that the point I was trying to make was "color-coded right in front of me."

I basically ended up feeling LIKE A BIG DUMMY and EXTREMELY awkward all the way home from work yesterday!

And then thought....WOW this would be a really good POST!!! I can make fun of myself for others' enjoyment....HEY, WHY NOT?


*Note from Grey: We all have "Bella" moments in our lives. Mine actually got me picked up by a fireman. Being Bella has its YOU have any "Bella" moments?

P.S. How many of you thought of The Office when you saw "Bella" and "board room" in the same sentence????? :)


  1. I wish I could just say 'um' a lot - I turn beet red! Today I was chatting in a meeting with my coworkers and it happened again. 7 years of teaching little kids and talking in front of grown-ups still makes me sick!

  2. Aww... Andee. We are one and the same. I can THINK of amazing things to say but it always comes out as "Umm... Yeah, this stuff... is like... ya know" and I turn 24 shades of red. Sucks. I'll never get over it.

    I reminded myself of Bella this one time when a pale dude started following me around. He wouldn't stop staring at my neck and I SWEAR he was in my room one night while I was sleeping. It was creepy. ;)

  3. Fang,
    We are the same, that makes me feel SOOO much better...because you realize I'm best friends with Grey and she is the cool, calm public speaking type...and I feel inadequate A.LOT. haha!