Monday, April 5, 2010

Just Not Enough Twilight

This weekend was a busy one for me. Good Friday was a holiday for me, so I went to see my Grandma in the nursing home down in Panama City, Florida, with my dad. Along with visiting her, we went down to the marina to look at the bay (PC is not Panama City Beach...they're actually two separate towns. PC is on the bay...PCB is on the actual Gulf of Mexico) and ate at a little Italian restaurant. Then we went to this huge block party that took up the entire downtown, where I saw really cool cars and dogs. I think cars and dogs must somehow go together, because I always see dogs at car shows. Do they have cars at dogs shows? That is an interesting question.

I saw cars. And dogs the size of ponies. It was a good day.

Saturday, I went house-hunting with the fiance' Brando. It took all afternoon. Then when we got back to my house, I was super duper excited because he had agreed to watch New Moon with me. So he did...and of course he didn't like it, and complained that I had made him watch it, and put his foot down when I tried to get him to watch the Eclipse behind-the-scenes footage and exclusive scene. He did seem interested in the Remember Me trailer, like actually, honestly interested, so hopefully, I will be able to share the joy that is Robert Pattinson with him sans Twilight. But while we were watching New Moon, he was paying attention and asking questions, and most of the questions were legitimate ones. My favorite part of watching it with him was that when Harry Clearwater died. (No, I am not some sick or twisted. Keep reading.) When Harry was on the ground, Brando went "Does he die?," and I said, "Yeah, he has a heart attack," and then Brando said, "That's too bad," like he was all concerned, and I said, "Yes, but it's very important that he dies." This intrigued Brando, who then started to come up with all sorts of guesses as to why it was important. Of course, none of his guesses were right, but they were all LOGICAL. He wasn't being stupid--he was really trying to figure out why it was important.

He was putting thought into my beloved Twilight. I love when he does that.

Favorite New Moon image because Bella gets her slutty on.

Anyway, on Sunday, we woke up early and went to sunrise Easter service on our town square. It was very nice, and peaceful. Then came a nice nap after which Brando headed home (before I could sneak in the Eclipse behind-the-scenes, confound it), and I headed to G-Mother's for Easter lunch and egg hunt. Which, by the way, I totally ruled. It was kind of hard not to, because the only other hunters were my 3-year-old cousin and my 75-year-old grandmother. Ok, I didn't find the most eggs (the 3-year-old did, but she had all the adults helping her), but I DID find the prize egg (it had $5 inside!!) AND I collected the most money--$18.35.

My G-Mother didn't find her Easter egg dye until it was too late. We just stuck stickers on white eggs and hid them. Yay, rednecks.

Sunday afternoon was spent napping on my G-Mother's couch. Lots of napping that day. Then in the evening, I watched the sprinklers come on for the first time this year (about as fun as it sounds) and watched It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown! and the beginning of Alice in Wonderland. And as I sat there on the couch at the end of a long weekend, I thought about the blog. "What can I possibly write about on Monday?" I thought. "I didn't even do anything Twilight-related all weekend."

I'm going to freeze right there, Gentle Readers, and let you use your super congnitive skills to tell me what is wrong with the above narrative.


I spent an ENTIRE evening watching New Moon. All 2 hours of it. AND discussing it with the future hubster.

And couldn't remember it the next day.

I could say that I'm just crazysauce, and that would explain it. That would explain A LOT, actually. Or I could go easy on myself and say that I had a very busy/sleepy day on Sunday, so forgetting that I watched the freaking sequel to Twilight on Saturday was pardonable.

Or I could say that Summit Entertainment has not given me enough new Twilight stuff to work with and that I am in serious need of more Twilight stimulation. I need to squee over new photos. I need to watch new clips over and over and over again. I need screen caps of aforementioned new scenes, dammit. Eclipse is supposed to come out in 85 days and I feel like I haven't seen ANYTHING. I need more Twilight stuff, Summit! Give us some more stuff, man. Just a little bit, just to get me thru the day.  I AM FORGETTING ABOUT TWILIGHT. This is serious. And it doesn't help to know that Breaking Dawn should be shooting this fall, or so it is rumored, but where is the DIRECTOR? What about a script? What about one movie? Or two movies? What about the second volume of the Twilight graphic novel? And WHY ISN'T THE ECLIPSE MOVIE COMPANION coming out SOONER? Really, Summit? The day before the movie is released?

Yeah, I'm gonna say it's Summit's fault. It usually is.

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