Friday, April 9, 2010

Please Accept This as a Token of Our Undying Love and Gratitude, and as an apology for not posting yesterday

So, yesterday....why did you suck so bad? Why were you such an ass that you made us not be able to post the thing that we hoped would brighten everyone's day? We saw this awesome, funny graph illustrating seats in a movie theater on the interwebs and decided to parody it, based on our experiences viewing New Moon, in expectation of what the Eclipse opening night would be like. It was funny (and almost 100% true to life), and we have an obligation to be funny to the HILARIOUS and lovable people who read this blog. People depend on us, yesterday...and you made us let them down.

Shame on you, yesterday.

But today, as a lunchtime treat, we present the AMAZING (sarcasm) artistic Paint and Photoshop skillz of Andee and Grey.

(Click to make bigger.)

(TWHW: That's What He Wishes.)

1 comment:

  1. YAY! I heart graphs.

    *prints* *hangs on fridge*

    You let me down yesterday. I cried. Not really, but I loves your postings, my sour patch Alabamians.