Monday, April 26, 2010

I have no funny title for today. Sorry.

So something pretty big happened last week. Yes, the Eclipse trailer was debuted on Oprah, which is SO WEIRD but whatever. It's out, and that's all we care about. We didn't get to watch it multiple times together while over-analyizing the crappola out of it because the weather was supposed to be deadly on Saturday, so Grey decided to stay home. (And while it was deadly for many people who are in our prayers in Mississippi, the sun shined on us all day long. Yes, we are lucky.) Which was probably good, because we're not sure how safe Andee feels around Grey anymore. (P.S. Andee's birthday is coming up. Hopefully, when she opens her present from Grey, it will not contain a dismembered head. Hopefully.)

Anyway, we had to watch the trailers all alone on Friday. Grey was such a fantastic friend and shared all the links to the various versions of the trailer that came out with Andee--from the obligatory taping of the tv that showed up first to the high quality version on Oprah's website. And then she was an even better friend by ruining Andee's viewing of every version by G-Talking "OH MY GAH OMG OMG OMG" at the end of every trailer, distracting Andee's view. Poor Andee.

And even better, we got new promo photos from Eclipse, too! Sure, Edward looked like a Justin Timberlake wannabe, and Bella was repping Hollister, and Jacob had his shit-stomping boots on, but you know they're awesome. We especially love the way that Bella has less of a "damsel in distress" attitude about her and more of a "I'm only days away from becoming one of the living dead, and then I will be able to kill you and also have sex with my boyfriend" look going on. We like it.

The Eclipse website went live, too! And we found this fantastic image of Rosalie!!! She looks the best she's ever looked in a photo, which is sad because she's supposed to be, like, the most beautiful person ever. When imagining Rosalie, we admit we saw a supermodel. Not that Nikki Reed isn't pretty, she is. She's just not, like, the most beautiful person ever. She has the bitch part nailed, though. Alice's sleeves are a little poofy. There's nothing wrong with poofy sleeves, they just make her upper arms look a little big. And big props to Esme for getting some more face time!

We did find this photo of Jane a little creepy, and it's probably because of the smirk. Yes, it's an evil smirk, but we don't think of Jane as being an evil smirker. An evil grinner, maybe, but not a smirker.

That's our take on the Fabulous Friday we had looking at all the new Eclipse goodies!! It's almost 2 months away and we're ready for more!!!

Note from Grey--Any ideas on what to get Andee for her birthday? (She got me some New Moon merchandise since my birthday was the day before New Moon came out in theaters. Best birthday present ever, Summit.) How about a gift certificate to get a hellawesome Twilight tattoo? Or what about a Forks High School cheerleader uniform? I need some suggestions, people. 


  1. Rosalie is my favoritest character in all of Twiland. And that pic IS the best so far. Yay!

    And Jacob... Poor thing. He looks kinda fat. I know he isn't. But that is just a bad angle, I suppose.

    For the darling Andee's birthday, I suggest you get her this:

    It's just amazing, no?

  2. It *is* amazing, yes! And the best part is, I can MAKE it at home!! Cause nothing says "I love you, best friend" like a homemade gift fashioned from a burnt piece of toast. Andee will love it!!!

    P.S. Really, Etsy artist? Really?