Thursday, April 15, 2010

It was a a giant fork in the sky.

Short post, but I know everyone's ok with that, because you're all busy staring at KStew's new Flaunt magazine photos.

Real life has been pretty hectic for Andee and me lately, with me BUYING MY FIRST HOME (haven't closed yet, but hopefully everything will go through ok) and Andee getting her work ethic back because her job is now secure. So YAY us, but we're still pretty freaking busy.

And with no new Eclipse news, we feel like our mayo jar of awesome sauce is getting a little low. And that gets us down. Are we still funny? Are we doing a good job? Are people reading? Is this worth it? These are the questions I guess every blogger asks themselves when life away from the computer steals all their time.

But then you go to Pier 1. And you find this:


And you know. YOU JUST KNOW.  That everything you're doing is right. It is good. You're reminded that you freaking love Twilight and Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner and Peter Facinelli and everyone else connected to the Saga. YOU LOVE EVERY FRIEND you've ever made on Twitter and Blogger, you love everyone who comments. You just love sharing your love of Twilight with others. YOU LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT BLOGGING.

Seeing the giant fork was like a big wave of renewal for a spirit that was staggering under the weight of purchase agreements and home inspectors and writing big, fat checks, of maybe losing your job or repaving your driveway or whatever. It was a reminder of how wonderful writing this blog is, because of you guys.

So thank you, Forkheads.

And thank you, Pier 1.

The Mayo Jar of Awesomesauce is refilled.



  1. Aww... The forkheads love you!!!

    I never noticed the mayo jar getting low. Ever.

    The giant fork is just another sign of your amazingness. Just remember not to run around with it. It's all fun and games until someone gets their eye poked out.


  2. Awwwww - I'm so glad you went to Pier 1! Because you guys ARE amazing. So down-to-earth, so original, and SO FREAKING FUNNY. All the time. Uh-mazing.

    Keep fighting the good fight for us. We are your Twired, your h00rs, your huddled-over-our-computers masses yearning to break free (of vampire cesareans).

    We ARE the Forkheads.

  3. THAT is a big-ass fork. I hope you bought it!


  4. Yay! Haha there's this box of plastic forks in our garage that we use for picnics or whatever, and everytime I'm in there and I see "FORKS" out of the corner of my eye, my stomach does a little flip for joy. It's so sad/awesome at the same time. The littlest things remind me of Twilight, and while some people may see that as being rather tragic, I choose to just accept it. Twilight is our escape from bills and other adult crap, and that's why it's so awesome! So keep on writing, because I totally love reading!

  5. The Mayo Jar is now overflowing...well, as much as mayo can "flow", I guess. Which is probably not very much. It just kinda sits there in a lump.

    Poke your eye out? I think that fork could impale your freakin' head. Sadly, I did *not* buy it. It was $60, and the future hubster would not approve. Unless I buy it for the new house. *Begins making plans to spike future hubster's Coke with some sort of psychedelic narcotic before taking him to Pier 1 and convincing him that said fork is just a regular sized fork, like this: "What the hell are you talking about? No, that is not a giant fork, you dumbass. What are you on? Dude, listen, we need forks, ok? Forks to eat with. Do you like this fork? WHAT THE HELL, BRANDO, IT'S NOT AS TALL AS I AM! Yes, I swear. IT'S A REGULAR SIZED FORK. Yes. Do you like it? Why are you sweating? DO YOU LIKE THE FORK, BRANDO? Ok, great, I'm going to get it.*

  6. Oh, and P.S. Thank you for the love. I love you guys. Andee loves you guys. WE BOTH TOGETHER LOVE YOU GUYS.

    Did you ever know that y'all are my hero????


  7. So, I work at Pier One and got a pretty good laugh when I saw you with the giant fork! I always think it looks like a fork for a giant. I have never made the Twilight connection, but now I am sure that is all I will think of when I see it hanging in the store!