Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Falling in Love is Hard on the Knees...(please insert your own sex joke here)

Last week, Andee told you guys that she picked up Twilight for the fourth time. Well, a couple of days ago Grey finished her book series, so she decided to--what else?--pick up Twilight again.

We're not totally sure how many times we've read the Twilight Saga combined, but it doesn't matter. We still get that same rush when Edward first talks to Bella in biology. Maybe not as strongly as the very, very first time we read it, but close. We especially love how a young adult vampire book has the ability to take us, two ol' married/long-term relationshiped gals right back to those first love-filled moments with our significant others.

Andee's Story:

It all started at my apartment a week before Valentine's Day 2005, when I went downstairs to fuss at our neighbors about their loud music. I was a student at Troy University, and in between all the drinking and napping, I actually needed to study. I was cool with telling the downstairs neighbors to shut the heck up, because I had become friends with the them. I'll call them the Troy Boys. Sadly, once I got down there to tell them to stifle themselves, I ended up staying to watch a movie...and cuddle on the couch with a REALLY HOTT GUY that was one of their friends! (A side note: We still fuss about that first meeting because he told me that he "loved to cuddle" but he now denys it...but he said it. My little cuddler.)

Well, I felt kinda bad for all the cuddling with Hott Guy because I was actually supposed to be "dating" a bull rider named Teddy (short for Thedore, don't judge), hoping it would turn into something serious. I even got Teddy a Valentine's Day card. However, he ended up ditching me and leaving town. I was Valentineless. So the Troy Boys and I decided to have a singles Valentine's Day party, only after I made sure that Hott Guy was going to come to the party. Come to find out years later, Hott Guy asked the Troy Boys if "that hott girl" was going to the party, too.

To make things short and sweet (and because I can't really remember much and in the next three words, you'll see why) we all got REALLY DRUNK and I forced Hott Guy down on the couch and kissed him! And then we made out on the floor in the living room, which nobody else really remembers because EVERYONE WAS PASSED OUT. Around 3:00 a.m. he walked me upstairs and told me "I understand that you are seeing someone right now, and I just wanted you to know that we can still be friends, it doesn't have to be weird."

The next day I had a LONG talk with my Teddy and decided that I really liked Hott Guy much better so I called him that night and we've been together since, for six years. We still make out on the floor sometimes.

Grey's Story:

I was a junior in high school and one of the nerds on the Scholars Bowl team. In my defense, my cousin had talked me into it, but secretly…I loved it. At my very first competition, I was placed on the first-string team—the smartest of the nerds. It was awesome. But during the competition, I got moved to the second-string team, something I was not happy about. It wasn’t that I was sucking or anything….apparently, the other team needed my mad brain skillz.
The second-string didn’t do too badly. During the day, we played against a high school that I had never heard of, from about an hour away. The entire team was made up of guys, and since there weren’t that many attractive girls there (ok, fine, there weren’t even that many actual girls there…), I was pretty hot stuff that day.

The captain of the other team started trying to show off by saying random answers—like John Smith or Brad Pitt--to questions he didn’t know. I thought it was lame. There was a really cute guy sitting next to him that kept trying to give him the correct answer, but Captain Idiot was too busy to listen to him, and so...we kicked their asses.

Afterwards, Captain Idiot and Correct Answer Cutie came over to chat, and I got more and more into Correct Answer Cutie. We would meet between matches for the rest of the day to talk. When it was time to leave, I said goodbye, hoping that I could see him again at the next competition.

But as I headed for the door, I realized I couldn't leave it to chance, so I did the most awesome thing I have ever done in my life: I walked up to him, took off my sticker name tag, smacked it on his chest, wrote my number on it and told him to call me. Then I turned around and walked away.

He called me that night. We talked for 4 hours. And we're still together, 8 and a half years later. If I hadn't moved to Forks let my cousin talk me into joining, if I hadn't  been forced to sit next to that creepy but hot Cullen dude change teams and if I hadn't been born with an irresistable scent and mysterious mind that would one day give me the power to stop potentially awesome vampire showdowns before anything good happens shown a tremendous amount of balls, that never would've happened.

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  1. Aww... I'm all cuted out. That was adorable in the best way.

    See, Beller? You don't HAVE to smell funny to get hot/nice man meat. ;)