Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ode to the Stew

I've usually been a pretty individualist person, but probably more so now than when I was in high school. I was probably as unique back then as any other high school varsity cheerleader/valedictorian/parakeet owner/Buick driver/scholar's bowl member/drunk party girl from a small town. (Which is, actually, not very unique for where we come from...the two previous valedictorians at our school were also cheerleaders. Our cheerleaders were smarties. Gimme An "A"! Oh, and a lot of them also drank. Go figure.)

I only remember wishing I could be more like two people growing up. The first one was Melissa Joan Hart in Clarissa Explains It All. Oh, boy, did I want to be like Clarissa. The hair, the clothes, the room, her pet alligator...I used to find the most effed up clothes and jewelry I owned and threw them all together. I probably looked like a hobo in tiny Troll doll earrings and a side ponytail.

The second person wasn't famous, she was a girl at our high school. She was--and still is to me--the prettiest high school student I had ever known. She was a cheerleader, too, but also a real rebel--a little bit of a stoner, hung out with inappropriate boys, generally was wild and crazy. (Secret: Andee was in love with her little brother.) My parents were way strict, so I couldn't mimic her in those ways, but I did the one thing I could do to be more like her--plucked my eyebrows into itty bitty almost non-existant lines. Big mistake in hindsight, but I thought it was SO AWESOME back then.

And now, here I am at 25 years old, finding myself mimicking yet another person. I thought by now, I'd be 100% Grey. But I can't help but want to be a little more like Kristen Stewart.

When I first got into Twilight, I was only "meh" about Kristen. I thought she was just average looking, kinda weird maybe, a little standoffish, and I certainly didn't like her taste in clothes. But then I watched the MTV Movie Awards, and when she almost kissed Rob and dropped her award and said that PERFECT line, I fell in love.
I also may have found my celebrity upper arm twin.

Now, I've got my Fauxbans. (Not real Raybans...I am fearful that the Fashion Police will call them uncool right after I shell out the $130. Tell me they'll be in style forever and I'll ask for some for a wedding present.)

I've got a pair of teal Converse sneakers.

My favorite watch (and I got this before I knew KStew had one that looked like it, I SWEAR) has a white face, gold trim and leather strap. I love wearing my Bella St. Jude bracelet. I have it on today.

I wear lots of skinny jeans, and lots of blacks and greys and whites, with oversized shirts. (Which I do not tie at the hip. KStew wouldn't either if she had been old enough during the great t-shirt-tied-at-the-hip-with-a-hair-scrunchi-or-pulled-through-a-plastic-ring debacle of the early 1990's.)

I had even given up graphic tee's, associating them with my early college years, only to find that since I've seen Kristen rock them, I want some too. My favorite one now is a sparkly zebra tee. I like to watch the sparkles dance around my car and think that if I was a vampire, that's what my skin would look like.

The latest KStew photos. I wonder if Rob will end up in that hat?

I can't do everything like the the Stew. I can't date Rob Pattinson. I can't wear black tennis shoes. I. Just. Can't. I would never cut off my long hair that's been growing out since 2003 and finally looks fantastic into a mullet. And I can't bitchface that much, because I am too nice. I like to give smiles instead of bitchfaces. But I love me some KStew.

And I'm so thankful she has normal sized eyebrows.



  1. YAY for eyebrows!

    I've changed my mind. You're not a serial killer now. You can come to my house and we shall watch Clarissa Explains It All.

    PS. Graphic tees are simply da best! :)

  2. Nah, nah, nah-nah-nah....

    ...I loved, loved, LOVED that show. And had a crush on Sam. And still to this day love Melissa Joan Hart. She seems a little bitchy sometimes, but I still love her.

    Graphic Tess 4 Life!!