Monday, April 12, 2010

Welcome to McSparkles! Would you like immortality with that? Oh, just a Happy Meal? Coming right up!

I've just finished G-talking with Andee, and she's a little depressed. It seems she is hungry.

This really shouldn't be a problem. She lives in a town with a plethora of eating places to choose from. Fast food, down home country cookin', Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, pizza--you name it, you can get it in Andalusia, Alabama. Right now, she is hungry for fast food, and in particular, McDonald's. But tonight, on her way home from work, she cannot simply take a detour through the Golden Arches drive-thru and satisfy her Mac Attack.

Cause they tore her Golden Arches down. And she's not lovin' it.

Andee's McDonald's is not gone for good--it is only being remodeled. So when it returns, it will be better than ever. But that does nothing to help Andee's current situation. She wants McDonald's. She can't have it. This situation takes her back to another time....back to college.....back to that horrible time in her and her roommate Grey's lives, when the McDonald's in our college town of Troy closed for a remodel.

It was pretty bad. And yeah, we ate a McFrickin' HUGE amount of french fries when they reopened.

"I am DYING over here," Andee types. And I feel her pain, cause I was there with her back in college. But now, I can only sympathize with her craving for Two All Beef Patties, Special Sauce, Lettuce, Cheese, Pickles, Onions on a Seasme Seed Bun. Because there are five McDonald's in my town, literally one for every direction--north, south, east, west, and even one right smackdab in the middle. So almost literally anywhere I go in Dothan, I can see a McDonald's. And get my McNugget Meal on. But even so, I should totally be sensitive to her plight, right?


I tell her about the official Kristen sighting in Budapest. That the paps got her and Rob on video leaving the airport. But before they got on the plane, they stopped to get a bite to eat.

At a McDonald's.
I am a McAwful friend.



  1. Aww... Poor Andee. I hate McDonald's most of the time, but when you want a McDouble w/ ketchup and cheese only, you want it now!

    Grey, you are a terrible friend. This may be the straw that broke the camels back. ;)

    PS. I bow to your amazing ability to relate anything to Twilight. *bows*

  2. Andee puts up with a lot from me, God bless her. She's amazing and is my very best friend in the whole wide world. But I'm not going to visit her in Andalusia until her McDonald's is reopened.


  3. Grey, You do remember that I read "OUR" posts, right? Don't think I don't notice your little snide comments...and I will MAKE YOU COME TO ANDALUSIA WHILE MY MCDONALDS is CLOSED...because I have a VERY IMPORTANT birthday coming up :) Love you bunches Grey!!!