Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Like We Needed Another Reason to Love Wal-Mart

Down south, Cotton used to be King. But those were the not-so-good ol' days. Today, we feel we can safely say that Wal-Mart is King. It's certainly the only place you can go and hang out after 9:00pm around here. (Except for the book stores, but they don't have a frozen food section, so they are not as cool.....GET IT?! We are soooooo funny.)

So this news today totally validates our high opinion of Wally World. (This is what we call it around the Wiregrass...maybe because every trip there is fraught with the same pitfalls those poor Griswolds experienced on their way to California? Or maybe we just love nicknames....come to think of it, our JUCO, Wallace Community College, is nicknamed Wally High. Maybe we just like the name Wally?)

I had NO IDEA the Griswolds were heading to Wal-Mart....

Today it was announced that our very own WAL-MART was going to offer The Twilight Saga: New Moon Ultimate Fan Edition DVD in March-the ONLY DVD to offer a sneak peek of Eclipse!!!! 7 whole minutes of footage, including behind-the-scenes on set, interviews, and a world premier of a scene from the movie!! Plus, another, slightly more expensive version has the Forks documentary included!

At 12:01am on March 20th, you can expect to find us trolling the aisles of Wal-Mart, getting our copy! Blu-Ray for Andee (because Andee's husband is OBSESSED with anything that we think of it, they have 5 flat screens and no kids....kinda sad), regular for Grey, because Grey doesn't have a Blu-Ray player because Grey doesn't have an HD TV (She totally has the smallest TV anyone's ever seen, its so sad).......Grey will go to Andee's for the crystal-clear image of Edward's sparkly skin.

No, a Blu-Ray is NOT what Cougar Cathy used to change the color in Twilight! Stop listening to that woman!

NOT ONLY will Wal-Mart be offering this fab DVD, but they will also have new New Moon merchandise! Because what Andee and Grey both need more than anything else in the whole wide world is to own an Edward tank top (Hey, it's about to get hawt down here...have you ever experienced a summer in the south? My heavens, you'll wish you were never born). Nevermind the fact that we can't wear them outside the house. (We're not really "out" yet.)

Wal-Mart truly has our hearts. Where else in the whole wide world will you find both mullets and/or rattails so long you could tuck in your pants AND sneak peeks of Eclipse? Or how about pantsless ladies picking up a brand new Wolf Lover tank top? (We apologize for insinuating that this pantsless Wal-Mart lady was Team Jacob. But come on, you know she was!)

No where else.

BONUS! Andee and Grey's gtalk conversation about the Wal-Mart DVD!

Andee: OMY goodnesss the walmart version of new moon will have footage from eclipse!!!!

i repeat ONLY the walmart version !!!!!!!!!!!!

Grey: WHAT?
Andee: twicrack

*reads Twicrack*
Grey: crapaduck, how am i going to know which one to buy? I will have to buy 2!!!! I want the 3 disc target one AND the wal-mart one

Andee: i know... how about i buy the walmart one and you buy the target one and we can share
*About 30 seconds of "silence"*

Grey: but i have to OWN them both

i want to OWN them

i want them to be MINE

Andee: okay okay then i'll share yours :) GEEZ

Grey: they are totes trying to just get our money

Andee: they know that they'll get it!

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