Monday, February 22, 2010

Twilight Profile: Christopher Heyerdahl

Well, this Sunday KStew got to go to a British awards show with her incredibly hawt boyfriend and win a prestigious award.

I went to Wal-Mart.

But I'm not bitter. Because Andee and I are totally getting ready to head to The Official Twilight Convention in Atlanta, Georgia, in two weeks! While at this convention, we will:

Meet some of the stars of the Twilight films

Listen to awesome panels on all things Twilight

Experience the "Twidom"

Try to stay cool, and I ain't talking temperature


We figured that we would do some fun research on the celebrities that we will get to meet while at the convention, and share our information in the form of our trademark randomness. The first celebrity selected is...........................................................

CHRISTOPHER HEYERDALH, a.k.a. Marcus of the Volturi!!!!

This vampire is not scary, people! He's like a grandpa shuffling towards you, asking you if you want some peanut brittle. (He can't eat it because of his teeth, obviously.)

Now *this* is creepy.

So to work I went, collecting valuable information on the life and.........*yawn*.............times of Christopher...............Heyer..........zzz........zzzzzzz............ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ


Wha? Whozit? *yawwwwwwwwwwwwwn* Oh, hi. Did I fall asleep? I'm so sorry, I was just looking up stuff for Christopher Heyerdahl and I was watching some clips of him as Marcus and I just fell asleep, y'all. Because Marcus is the most boring literary character I've ever encountered.

I will give CHeyer props here. This is not boring. Potentially crazy and a lil Brett Michaels, but not boring. By the way, can you still give out props? I'm so behind on my hip urban terminology. (I'm guess CHeyer probably is too.)

I guess since Christopher can totally bring the boring to Marcus, that makes him a great actor. I didn't know anything about him, so I thought I would be in for some exciting research. "Hey, I never knew that was him in that movie!" was what I expected.

Well, I didn't really get that. He has been in SEV-ER-AL television shows, most of which I've never seen or heard of. I have heard of 21 Jump Street but never watched it. Of course, as a child in the 90s, I was aware of Are You Afraid of the Dark?, but unfortunately I WAS afraid of the dark and never watched the show.

Movie-wise, he was in Catwoman (yeah, THAT Catwoman), which I've seen, but mercifully remember nothing about it, so I don't remember him. He was also in The Chronicles of Riddick and Blade Trinity.

So.....yeah. Listen, I hope that you guys haven't fallen asleep, too. Christopher Heyerdahl's blog post isn't all that exciting. But I think that's appropriate, y'all. After all, he does play Marcus, whose very essence can be summed up in just one word:


See you in ATL, Marcus!

P.S. If you are alsleep, I hope you're dreaming of Rob. I hope that you're dreaming of BAFTA Rob. I hope that you're dreaming of pushing BAFTA Rob's man bang off of his forehead.


  1. YAY! I honestly don't remember Marcus but I've only seen New Moon once... (Shh. Don't tell or they'll kick me outta the fandom).

    I like his dorag (Is that what they call them?).

    And I really want to go steal some peanut brittle from a grandpa now...

    Perfect. ;)

    PS. I think it is totally awesome that you are going to this Twicon thing and don't think you are "too cool". That makes you way cool! Farout! Radical! Tubular!

    And now I will shut up. :D

  2. Is it just me or does the second picture of him make him a perfect candidate for Voldy?
    I'm so excited for you guys so congratulations! You now have a weirdo who wants to be in your skin (from a meeellion miles away) I'll leave you with that thought... Hilar as always! <3

  3. My favorite of Marcus' two lines in the whole movie:
    "You already know what you're going to do, Aro."

    Spoken like he was already 10 minutes into his afternoon nap.

    Thank you very much for thinking that we are awesome for going to Twi Con. We are hoping to keep the "cool thermostat" turned up pretty high, if you know what I mean.

    I'm almost positive that we will bring some funny stuff back for you guys....

  4. Christopher Heyerdahl is one HOT, SWEET Patootie. But then I'm 50! He can offer me his peanuts any time :)