Friday, February 5, 2010

Andee and Grey Practice for Eclipse

Tonight, Andee and Grey are together again!! See, we live in different towns, like almost 2 hours away. SAD.

But this weekend, we have some Real Life stuff to do together, like baby showers. But that's not until tomorrow. TONIGHT we are going to see NEW MOON again! It's only both our third time seeing it, second time together! We know that we are tragically far behind compared to other TwiHards, but Andee's hometown movie theater sucks, and Grey doesn't have anyone to go with. She's always had this lifelong fantasy of going to a movie alone, but is too afraid to do it because it contradicts her lifelong fear of being stabbed to death in an empty theater. She blames Scream 2.

Since we didn't have this blog when New Moon first came out, we wanted to be prepared for all the Eclipse madness! So we are going to the movies tonight to do a little research on how to correctly document a Twilight Saga movie.

Andee had a bad day at work and Grey told her it would be ok, because she was going to see Robward tonight. And it made her happy. And Grey is excited that the movie theater is probably going to be empty, so no one can sit next to her and invade her personal space.

Our little avatar/profile thingy is a picture of us at the premiere of New Moon. Here we are getting ready to head to the Eclipse Dress Rehearsal! Except there won't be any Eclipse. But you know what we mean.

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