Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Andee and I talk about Rob alot, because he's freaking hot and talented obviously, but we like other members of the whole Twilight phenomena, too. If we had to rank them, I guess we would say:

#1. Rob
#2. Kristen
#3. PETER!!!!!

I did this little ranking without Andee, actually, so I'll have to ask her what her top three Twilight actors are, but I'm pretty sure that it'll be the same. She probably won't have exactly the same level of girl-crush that I have on Kristen, though. But she would totally kick my butt if we ever had to battle it out over who got Rob first.

But we love us some Peter Facinelli. He's adorable, he's a great family man, he's an excellent actor, he can walk through some double doors like I don't know what, and he's the PERFECT Dr. Cullen. I always thought in my head that the way Steph described Carlisle (so young-looking) that he was supposed to look like he was Doogie Howser or something. Peter is a MUCH BETTER visual for Dr. Cullen than Neil Patrick Harris. (Although that is another fantastic entertainer right there!)

So Andee and I were freaking blown out of our office chairs yesterday afternoon when we checked the Twilight Convention website and found out that Peter was going to be in Atlanta!!!! We knew that it was imperative that we meet him--a necessity that we cannot afford to do without. And by "cannot afford" we really mean "can-totally-afford-but-are-supposed-to-be-saving-up-for-important-things-like-first-ever-homes-and-babies", so we had to get the permission from the hubby and the fiance.

They put up absolutely NO RESISTANCE, which automatically made us totally suspicious, but then we realized that we didn't care. We were going to meet Peter Facinelli. Tickets are purchased, hotel room reserved, vacation days requested. This. is. happening.

I'm sure that they're are lots of things about the convention that we will find funny, and we aren't going to everything. We'll take a pass on the Volturi Vampire Ball, but will totally check out Michael Welch performing Friday night with Peter hosting. We will totally tell Christopher Heyerdahl that he was the most boring actor we've ever seen (which he'll take as a compliment because Marcus is SUPPOSED to look bored!) and let Daniel Cudmore bench press us (I heart X-Men and I'm going to meet Colossus!) at the autograph table.

We will try to make Kiowa Gordon actually SMILE and whip Bronson Pelletier into such a frenzy with our zany antics that it will put all those Wolfpack interview clips to shame. *Have you ever watched him in those New Moon press clips? He is jumping off the walls....I bet they had to slap him a couple of times just to bring him down a notch between interviews.* We will watch Michael Welch be silly and think that it's pretty freaking awesome for him to embarrass himself just to see a hotel ballroom full of Twilight fans smile.

When we meet Peter, we're not totally sure what we're going to do yet. But definitely something illegal fangirly awesome. And you can BET on some awesome stories from March 5, 6 and 7!

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