Friday, March 19, 2010

Twilight vs. New Moon - Andee's Take

ATTENTION: If you haven't noticed yet Grey is a very good writer....Andee is not. And Grey usually proofreads my posts before I post them. So this is a warning....I'm all on my own I apologize already!
Okay....I'm attempting to do this post without Grey...which is terribly sad...BUT I get to see her tomorrow because we are going to watch New Moon together at my house! So now I'm happy again!(I take that back Grey can't come be we will be on the phone most of the day tomorrow discussing New Moon)

Anyway what I wanted to talk about today is really hard to articulate through words, but I'll try! I'm going to attempt to discuss why the movie "Twilight" still makes you feel different than the movie "New Moon".


So as I've mentioned before, I watched "Twilight" before I read the book. It made me feel so good/happy that I actually watched it again on the same day back to back and then lied to my husband and said it was my first time watching because I was a little embarassed. I have NEVER done that before. I've NEVER liked a movie that much to watch it twice in a matter of 4 hours! This was a low budget, emo movie that no matter what age you are you LOVE it! Now I'll have to admit I, Andee, am a very bubbly, hyper, former cheerleder and I STILL thought I could have been Bella in high school. What is wrong with me? Does everyone put themselves in Bella's shoes regardless or I'm just crazy? I actually FELT crazy after I watched this movie, I really and truly didn't even want to LOOK in my husbands direction for a couple of days...and I LOVE HIM! I just kinda wanted to shout "YOUR NOT EDWARD, LEAVE ME ALONE!", but I didn't I just told Grey how I really felt and at that time she thought I was crazy because she still had not watched the movie or read the book, but we discuss things like that anyway because we both feel crazy most of the time...its GOOD LIKE THAT!
Let me mention here that I LOVED the movie "New Moon". It was better quality, and it didn't have stupid monkey references thrown in AND it didn't have stupid tree climbing scenes!

There are no words for this scene....

BUT it still wasn't the same as "Twiligh"t. I actually didn't feel too bathos in as many scenes of "New Moon" as I did "Twilight".

Since I can't acuratley describe my feelings about Twilight, I really want to hear from y'all...

So I pose a serious question to you commenters, can ANYONE explain why I/WE feel different about the movie "Twilight" than "New Moon"?


  1. I think that Twilight was about falling in love. Everyone loves that feeling.

    New Moon was about losing a love. No one likes that. It can never be the same even after they return. Because all boys suck. Even Edward... who really reminds me of Dobby all of a sudden.

    I PROTECT HARRY POTTER/BELLA SWAN. Both end up almost dead.

    S Meyer? I'm catching on...

    PS. I saw your comment on the other days post. I'll be in your corner AND bring a giant fork. And a normal sized knife. ;)

  2. I wont be any help cause I prefer New Moon to Twilight. Same with the books (and this was before future imaginary BFF showed up, abs blazing!) Maybe cause I could NEVER imagine myself as Bella. Not white, not thin, not stuttery. Guess I felt more of a bond with the wolfpack.(but after seeing the movie...yeah no abs either) Again, my comment has no purpose. I just love commenting on your blog too much. Dont hate me for being useless... <3

  3. OH, hell. I think I'm going to get murdered for this, but . . .

    *slips on Mask of Joking but Not Really*

    Why do I like Twilight the movie more than New Moon the movie?

    Because I don't care how many shirts you take off them or how much rain you dump on them, wolfboys < hot angsty vamps. The end.

  4. Yay, Andee! I loved your post!!!

    I loved New Moon: The Movie Production more than Twilight: The Movie Production. NM is just a better quality movie, period.

    But I love Twilight: The Movie Feeling more than New Moon: The Movie Feeling, because in Twilight, I fell in love with Edward, too. And nothing can replace that first feeling of falling in love.

    And hey! I WILL see you this afternoon! How 'bout them apples?

  5. What she ^ said.

    I think about this all the time (yes, I'm a loser) and I can never come to a solid answer. I loved New Moon; it was such better quality, and so pretty. But I didn't keep that soundtrack in my car for a good 3 months straight like I did with Twilight (that may or may not be an exaggeration) and I STILL haven't gone to get my dvd, whereas with Twilight I was at that midnight release and so freakin excited that I could watch the movie whenever I felt like it (and I still do). Maybe it is that whole "first love" feeling, but somehow that still doesn't seem to accurately describe it. As much as we like to make fun of it, there's just some kind of magic in Twilight that keeps me coming back for more. I'll probably never really be able to understand it, but maybe that's a good thing because then what would we have to talk about?

  6. I will totally agree with fries...Twilight is magic. And we are now all under its spell.

    Oh, and I ALSO listened to the Twilight soundtrack a lot longer than the NM...but I loved the NM soundtrack.

    So hard to explain, definitely.