Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Twilight Convention Day Three: Shiny objects (like Tinsel's hair) distract us. That's why this post is so late.

Where we live, there is a local radio station that plays soft rock and adult contemporary music. It's pretty awesome for when you want to just mellow out or hear some 80's tunes. And it is almost literally playing in every office, over every loudspeaker, and anytime you've been placed on hold in the Wiregrass. And cheese and crackers, they have so many contests, like....one an hour.

The station? 99.7.

The call signal?


So at least every hour, EVERYONE in the Wiregrass hears this:


Oh, yeah. The "Wolf Howl."

Ta-daaaaa. Intro into Day 3 of the Atlanta Official Twilight Convention, a.k.a. Wolf Pack Day. YOU'RE WELCOME.

Hearts, G.

Take it away, Ms. Andee....

Well, Day Three started off really well with a Belgian waffle for Andee and Oatmeal with bananas and pecans for Grey. But we must admit....WE WERE EXHAUSTED! I got a tip for the Creation people that host TwiCon, could you please plan your itinerary around food, because we were hungry ALL. THE. TIME. They put activities THAT WE COULD NOT MISS, back to back. I fondly remember having to go to the Gift Shop to buy Pringles (like $3 for a half can), Cheez-its (almost $4 for the cutest little box, that was about 1/4 of a normal size box), and a 20oz Bottled Coke that cost $2.91 for lunch almost everyday we were there! And I don't know if you know this but us southern girls LIKE TO EAT when we go out of town because more than likely ALABAMA doesn't have many GOOD restaurants (Note From Grey: Ummm, I live outside of Dothan, where we have "Restaurant Row," or literally restaurants located next to restaurants next to restaurants. Andee's the one that has to starve at the whole in the wall town where she lives.)

Last breakfast as queens of the hotel before heading back to the real world

Okay I'm done with my only negative view on TwiCon...

Kiowa Gordon....ummmmm....totally cute, with his Zac Efron swoop hair. At first you couldn't see his gorgeous hair because he came out wearing a hat, but someone from the audience told him, yes, I mean TOLD him, to take off his hat so we could get better pictures of him. I tell you girls, he COULD NOT take a bad picture! He was completely adorable, a little shy, but ADORABLE. At one point somebody asked him if he could do any stunts and he said "All I know how to do is fall" and everybody cheered and said "Do it!" and he graciously got up and fell dramatically off the stage. It looked like it totally hurt  for real and we felt bad, but it was HILARIOUS!
Kiowa G. What up, dawg?

Next was Tinsel Korey. She was the only GIRL that did Q and A at the TwiCon, so we really didn't know what we were going to think about her, but she was PRECIOUS! She was very cool and collected and VERY FUNNY. At one point a little girl stood up to ask a question, and it was hard to hear her, so the whole room turned around to find the person asking the question and with all those eyes on her, the little girl almost started crying because she was sooo shy. Tinsel Korey jumped off the stage and ran up to her and hugged her and let her ask the question without the microphone and THEN she brought her up on stage to sit with her just to chill while she answered more questions from the audience! IT WAS SOO SWEET! And now we LOVE Tinsel Corey!
This was so sweet of Tinsel. The lucky little girl got to go backstage, too!

And here's where it gets tricky. We actually saw Gil Birmingham's Q and A on Saturday, but we saved talking about him until Day 3 because this is THE WOLF PACK day, after all. And in actuality he did 2 Q and A's (one on Sunday and one on Saturday). We were losers and wanted to FINALLY get a minute to shop and eat a DECENT meal that we skipped him and the costume competition on Sunday. I know we probably REALLY missed out! But...anyhoo....Gil! He was a VERY BUFF older gentleman who  reminded me of the guy off of Free Willy, but way cuter. He was pretty interesting....he mentioned that while they were filming the scene in Eclipse around the campfire, it got late and they got goofy and Taylor Lautner stuffed 30 pieces of gum in his mouth to see how many he could fit and then somebody said "You could sell that on ebay for a fortune!"

Every time Gil would mention Taylor Lautner, he would pause before he said the name, and then say it with gusto! And we would all cheer. Poor Gil.

Then it was autograph time, the last scheduled event of The Official Twilight Convention in Atlanta 2010 :( We waited in line to get Tinsel and Kiowa's autographs. (We didn't get Gil's because as we've previously mentioned on another blog post WE WOULD HAVE TO PAY EXTRA, and we were ALREADY spending a FORTUNE!) So we go up to Tinsel at the autograph table and she gets Grey's New Moon Illustrated Movie Companion with her little post-it that said her name "GREY" so that Tinsel could personalize the autograph. Tinsel says, "Hey, you must have had hippie parents too!" and Grey says "No..." Nice one, Grey. (She honestly really didn't know what to say and got confused because the BRILLIANT GREY decided to use our blogger names the whole weekend...which might I add was REALLY HARD!)

But then I embarassed myself, too, because I followed up Grey's stellar answer with "Tinsel, your hair is so pretty," which it really was but it sounded REALLY stalker-ish...like my next questions would be "Can I touch it? Can I have some of it?" So, we FAILED with Tinsel K. And by the time we got to Kiowa we were just TIRED of coming up with witty comments so Andee just said "Hey, I wanted you to sign this page because it has you before you were a wolf and after"...

.....Wow. That was actually so embarrassing it was hard to write. Then Grey followed up with "Thank you, Kiowa" and then looked at her book and he had signed the WRONG page. (Note from Grey: Oh, yes. The funny was gone, and so were most of my motor skills.)
That's us....the forkheads.

Oh well! We really are a true pair of IDIOTS! And we love it!

So there it is!!! The final day of our amazing Twilight adventure! And only 9 whole days after it actually happened!

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  1. Haha . . . better late than never! Thanks for working so hard to share your fun with us - it's been hilarious!

    I'm quite positive that you both made fantastic impressions on all the cast members. In fact, I bet when they start working on Breaking Dawn, they insist on including some sort of shout-out. Will it be "Baby Got Back" on the soundtrack? Paulex wearing a "Fork You" t-shirt? Or maybe the powers that be will spare us all and rename the abominably-named hybrid child. "Grandee" has such a nice ring, don't you think?