Thursday, March 4, 2010

Twilight Profile: Peter Facinelli

It was the summer of 1998, and I was about to enter the 8th grade. (I was very lucky to have been born the year I was, because whatever number the year ended in was the grade I would begin that year, i.e. 1995 started 5th grade, 2000 started 10th grade, etc. I am lucky because I have a really crappy memory and would never be able to figure out when things happened if not for this awesome occurrence.

Anyway, it was the summer of 1998, and I was on my very first date. He was such a cutie, with platinum blonde hair parted in the middle and down to his cheeks. (Shut up, this was very popular back in the day.) He was even as tall as me, which was a plus. We were thirteen years old and my mom was dropping us off at the movies.

The movie was "Can't Hardly Wait." So yeah, Peter Facinelli, a.k.a. Dr. Carlisle Cullen, our Twilight Profile of the day, was with me on my first date.

Remember when Jennifer Love Hewitt was awesome?

It goes without saying that Andee and I "can't hardly wait"to meet Peter this weekend. TOMORROW, even!!! We will meet him tomorrow!!!! We are beyond excited. Don't tell any of the other celebs attending, but he's really the only reason we're going. (*Note from Andee: Grey, he better be awesome because I'm waking up at freakin 4:00 in the morning to get your ass!*) Honestly, I think that he's our third favorite Twilight character behind Rob and Kristen. (Yes, we left Taylor out. Sorry, but although the boy is adorable, I think that we're so Team Edward that no amount of hotness or legality would bump him up the list. So Peter it is!)

Paging Dr. McSparkely, STAT!

Watching "Can't Hardly Wait" I remember how hot Mike Dexter was, but unfortunately, although Mike Dexter was a god and a role model, he was also an asshole. And this proves how wonderful an actor Peter really is, because Peter may very well be the nicest guy on earth. Seriously.

Not only does he act in the Twilight Saga movies and the Nurse Jackie television show on Showtime, but he also makes sure that he's using his fame and fortune to help those a little less famous and and lot more unfortunate than him. His work with Alex's Lemonade Stand is incredible, and every time he tweets, if it's not about a good cause he wants you to hear about, it's something hilarious and entertaining. Like tweeting a photo of him holding hands with Kellen during the height of the whole Robsten/Nonsten debates. (televised on C-Span, check your local listings for re-runs.) This dude is fantastic. And to think that the first time I ever laid eyes on him, he was an asshole. Freaking gorgeous, but a total tool.

Do they or don't they? I guess we know for sure now!

If I've done any amount of stressing over this upcoming trip to the Official Twilight Convention not related to clothing, it's been over what to say to this awesome man. But I finally figured it out:

"Hi! It's really a huge pleasure to meet you, and you are a fantastic Carlisle. I also loved "Can't Hardly Wait." In fact, the very first date I went on was to see "Can't Hardly Wait." So, I guess I owe you a big thank you for helping a 13-year-old girl become a woman. Oh God, NO, I didn't mean that the way it sounded, we didn't have sex, oh GEEZ NO, I just meant I went on my first date. I swear, we only held hands, I don't even remember if we KISSED. Oh my gah, I can't believe that I just said that to you. I am so embarrassed. I'm just going to go now. Thanks for the autograph.......what? Oh, sorry, your pen. Right. Here's your pen. Yes, Officer, I'm going. Sorry." (*Supportive, encouraging note from Andee: And I will be hiding behind Grey the whole time feeling awkward*)

P.S. Are you quizzical over the recent Eclipse editor change? Check out LTT--they've got their own take on it!

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