Monday, March 22, 2010

New Moon DVD Weekend

This weekend was yet another reunion of that dynamic duo, Andee and Grey!! (Three weekends in a row--it's unheard of!!) And this time it was all for the joy of popping our brand new New Moon movie into the DVD player and tweaking out to all the EXTRAS! We didn't actually watch the movie together, although we did make it to the break up with Chris Weitz's commentary turned on. He's adorable, but we had to stop. We had husbands/fiance's downstairs to entertain. Not like that, you sluts! Geez, it's not all fanfic up at Mr. and Mrs. Andee's house.

After Grey's Wal-Mart experience (detailed more fully in the comments for today's LTT post), and Andee's disappointment that she missed her Wally's New Moon actual, honest-to-goodness party AND that they didn't have a Blu-Ray edition, we were actually lucky we even have the dang DVD in our greedy little hands. Also lucky? The fact that the menfolk had both fishing AND the Kentucky b-ball game to distract them from our NM pursuits. Muah-ha-ha-ha-ha.

We started with--DUH--the Eclipse sneak peek, and it was epic. It showed us so many things that we have to look forward to:

1. LEAH! Did you see how bitchy she looked all the time?? Sweetness! And she totally is rocking outfits that complement the boys jorts/korts/sworts...cutoff blue jeans and K-Mart tank tops! (Don't hate...these were Grey's wardrobe staples for the summer of 1997...)

Got the bitchy look NAILED, sweetheart.

2.  The HAIR!! Did you see Bella's wig? Not half bad. We were beyond worried when those graduation/Jacksonville pictures came out, and the funky wig line was all visible and stuff. But the Bella hair shots in the sneaky peeky? Good enough for us. Also, we were totally digging Rosalie's hair in the training/fight scenes, all braided and swept up. Because of course the most beautiful of the Cullen clan would go to war looking like it was her senior prom. It was hands-down a better look than the New Moon wig.

Why are they not happy? Their hair looks crazy better than normal.

And speaking of better wigs than New Moon....JASPER'S HAIR! We love, love, LOVE his hair. All limp and reminds us of the boys we used to like when we were in middle school. (Shut up. It was the late 90's, Gavin Rossdale pictures covered the insides of our lockers, and we both took turns dating a boy who loved KoRN. We may or may not have owned multiple pairs of Adidas track pants. Ok, we may have. We loved the swoosh, swoosh they made when we walked.) We have a theory about why it is so un-curly...maybe Jasper's hair isn't naturally curly, so he has Alice curl it every morning before they go to school. Well, with all the newborn drama happening, Alice is all like, "Jasper! I don't have time for this! The newborns are getting closer every day, and we have more important things to do than curl your hair! Besides, it's going to look better this afternoon anyway. Trust me."  But Jasper doesn't listen, and tries to curl his hair himself. It looks decent, but little did Jasper know that because of the coming freak storm, the weather is unsually humid for the Pacific Northwest, causing all of Jaspers curls to fall out, leaving behind only chin length waves, which everyone seems to love. Even Rosalie unthaws a little to tell Jasper his hair looks really good today. "I told you so," says Alice. And.....SCENE.

3. Riley and the Newborns. Sounds like a band....anyway, we have already fallen in love with poor, poor Riley. He is so freaking cute, and he's just a pawn in Victoria's dirty little game. We just want to give him hugs, but we're afraid he would bite us. He's going to be heartbroken when he realizes that Victoria never cared for him at all. Well, he'll be heartbroken for those 2 seconds between the realization of betrayal and death by wolf-induced dismemberment, but still.....poor hot Riley.

Lesson learned here? Never trust a redheaded vampire.

We were really happy to see some footage of the newbies, and we are thinking that the lumber yard scene is going to be awesome. (And for those of you who read the script, doesn't it sound visually awesome??) Our favorite though, is definitely going to be Bree. She's such a little cutie in the sneak peek, which is sad, because she is going to get ripped to pieces and set on fire. Being a newborn really sucks, apparently.

Aww,'re doomed.

Those are the things that the Eclipse sneak peek made us look forward to the most. However, there are a couple of things that we would like to THANK the sneaky peeky for giving us, numbers one and two being RUNNING ROB and FIGHTING ROB!!

Run, Rob, Run! (You know Bama Girls have to throw Forrest Gump references out whenever they can.)

It's kind of like watching Rob dance...

Also, remember that weird jacket Rob wore? (Uhh, which time? Cause he wears weird shit quite often, ladies...) It looked like an old varsity letterman jacket without a letter? Well, we caught it on the Eclipse sneak peek, so we're guessing that either Rob stole it from the Eclipse set OR is using his own clothes for films again. Both are fine with us. We like all of Robert's Randoms.

We swear we saw this jacket in the sneak peek, but we need a screen cap to confirm it.


  1. Wow. I watched the sneak peek but all I can really remember is Rob runnnning on the treadmill. I musta blacked out after that...

    OH! And Jasper's wig is better. I remember that too. Kinda. I like your scene idea. Imma have to forward your blog url to Summit. Hopefully, they'll give you like... 10% of their profits. You'd totally be millionaires! That could be a good thing.

    PS. Rose IS my favorite and her hair looks so pretty! I'm happy now.
    *does interpretive dance of happiness*

    PPS. Robert's Randoms sounds like a word game.

  2. We totally did a rewind and watched Rob running AGAIN because it was so awesome. He didn't look like a goober, and that was pure magic.

    So....we'll be waiting to hear from Summit. We had no idea you were so connected. We have been vastly underutilizing you, Fang.


  3. Great post! Except now I'm anxious about getting the right DVD to see all this amazingness. Eh. I guess everything is or will be online, so I won't start pulling my hair or anything just yet.

    PS Lucky Jasper. Humidity making MY curls fall out? Ha. Haha. HAHAHA. Not very damn likely.

  4. We watched the Wal-Mart DVD, and it had everything except deleted and extended scenes. There is a pretty cool breakdown of all the different DVDS here: