Tuesday, June 15, 2010

We Have No Will Power or Self-Control. Sadly, Diets Don't Work, But Thank God We Never Tried Hard Drugs.

Forkheads, we just couldn't help ourselves. After endless listens in the car and concerts in the shower, we have succumbed to the temptation to try to place the Eclipse soundtracks songs in the movie, even after the utter FAIL that was New Moon soundtrack guessing game. We will never forget the embarrassment of the suggestion that Lykke Li's "Possibility" was playing when Bella first sees Jacob as a potential love interest for real, while in reality it is the themesong of Bella's utter devastation and depression after Edward leaves. Obviously, we lack the subtle nuances that are required to accurately and creatively place the Twilight Saga songs in their proper places.

But we're going to do it again anyway. What the hell, right?

****Spoiler Alert!!!*****
We've actually read the leaked Eclipse script and heard that it's pretty much the same as the movie thru other Twitter folk, so you may find a couple of mini spoilers in here.

Andee and Grey Embarrass Themselves Over the Eclipse Soundtrack

Andee: first song... Eclipse (all Yours), this feels like the song on the credits, or opening, what you thinking?

Grey: it's like bella's anthem, the whole song is sung from bella's point of view, so i thought...right at the end leading into the credits MAYBE, and i say that because...the end is actually cute, not overly romantic
because she says they have to do the most dangerous part of all, tell charlie, HOWEVER, i think it is very important what she says before that, so i think there will be fancy romantic music while she explains how his world is the only place she's felt at home and then will transistion into this song, this is where i choose to place it

Andee: i'll agree with you *Grey: Probably just to shut me up!*

Eclipse (All Yours)--at the end/beginning of the credits

Grey: song number two: neutron star collision (love is forever)/longest title name in the known universe

Andee: and its kinda corny sounding...i have no clue about this one

Grey: i thought it would be a credits song

Andee: mayb so cause i can't think of anything logical

Neutron Star Destroyer Collision With the Millenium Falcon (Love is Forever)--during the credits

Andee: song number three--ours...? i like that one alot

Grey: definitely at graduation or the party


Grey:  i know, i know BUT REMEMBER

Andee: don't get dissapointed right?

Grey: we think we're so good at this, and we turn out to be SO BAD


Andee: okay next? Song number four-- Heavy in your Arms

Grey:  i have no idea where this song will go, and it's so awesome that i dare not speculate for fear of placing it in an inferior scene than the one it truly belongs in (that sentence made me giggle)

Andee: i feel like its going to be in a serious scene

Grey: yes, and i feel like it's a scene where she puts a hard choice on edward, or a scene that is stressful for edward

Andee:: mayb when she talks to him after she kisses jacob or when jacob gets hurt, tell me your theories

Grey: ok ok ok, heavy in your arms--the very literal place it could be is when they are getting ready for battle and jacob is carrying bella to the campsite and edward is waiting, looking out from the top of the mountain, but that is tooooo easy, and i won't fall in that trap again, but just in case, i will say that if i had to choose a time (and i don't want to have to), it would be somewhere related to the tent scene, including the leading up to the tent and the after the tent *Grey: I'm pretty sure I just fell into the trap.*

Heavy In Your Arms--leading up to the tent/tent/after the tent

Andee: song number five: my love

Grey: now, at first thought i said my love was definitely the proposal scene, because it was touching and all lovey-dovey, but then i thought it was so sad, and there's this one part that's towards the end, when the violin really gets going, and i thought, "it's SAD, like when bella kisses jacob, and she see's her future with him and she starts kissing him back but then realizes that it's not right, it's not what is for her"

Andee: hmmm good imagination grey. did you read the eclipse script again?

Grey: no, i haven't read it again lately, but i've read it since you gave it back to me

Andee: oh i thought mayb you had b/c u seem to remember so much *Grey: Andee's polite way of telling me I'm a KNOW IT ALL*

Grey: nope, i'm just AWESOME

My Love--Proposal or Bella/Jacob Kiss

Andee: song number six: atlas

Grey: NO CLUE, but i bet it's wolves

Andee: yea it sounds like a bunchy of dorky werewolves hanging out or something

Grey: i agree, plus the bonus track of the atlas remix has way more drum beats in it, like tribal or something. but it could also be bella in florida

Atlas--Wolves Being Chill or Florida

Grey: song number seven: chop and change, i thought it may be rosalie killing her fiance

Andee: yea...i can see her in the wedding dress

Grey: what's half of 17, 8? *Grey: What a math genius I am...* we need to get to eight

Chop and Change--Rosalie's Flashback

Grey: song number eight: rolling in on a burning tire


Grey: That one was easy!

Rolling in on a Buring Tire--Bad Vamps

We'll be back tomorrow with the conclusion of our Eclipse soundtrack embarrassing predictions, and there may be a little wager involved to see how many we actually get right! Which Eclipse songs are your favorites? I think Heavy is obviously one of ours!


  1. Woot! I'm so glad you went out on this limb! I ALSO think that - despite it being COMPLETELY obvious - the best place for "Heavy In Your Arms" is as Jacob carries Bella to the tent. UGH. Since I haven't read the script (*narrows eyes*) I'm going to suspend belief and pretend the entire tent scene doesn't exist. Yes, watching the movie will be a hard, bitter dose of reality after which I will curse Meyer and Slade and Lautner and Stewart. Everyone except Edward. Poor, cold, Edward.

    I bet you didn't realize I was so crazy. I am. Crazy about FORKS, Y'ALL!!!

  2. I just did a fangirl squee worthy of meeting Rob Pattinson himself over your comment. You are crazy about us???? We love you, man!!

    We are also reminded of that scene in the movie Signs where Mel Gibson runs around the house trying to scare off the "kids"...."I am insane with anger!"

    I don't know why we thought of that, actually. Crap.

  3. I like Heavy. It's booootiful. I want Miss Andee and Miss Grey to know that I am a better fan than StotheP. Trust me. ;)

    I like your predictions. I won't really notice the songs until I watch it for the 15th time, sooooo... Yeah.