Friday, June 4, 2010

New Baby Cousin = Another Future Forkhead

Funny story and not Twilight related at all, but of course, I ignore that and make it Twilight related anyway.

My New Baby Cousin was born yesterday. Her name is Mahayla. It sounds like Michaela, but with a "hay" instead. Here, like this:

Yes, it's a mouthful at first, but it gets easier every time. (That is not what she said. I could never do a twss joke about my New Baby Cousin's name. Oh crap, I just did one.)

My three-year-old cousin, Julia, does a good job correctly pronouncing her words, but apparently Mahayla wasn't a word she was willing to try out. Because when Julia's mother told her about New Baby Cousin Mahayla, Julia just looked at her dubiously and said:

"I will call she Charlie."

And this was all I could think about:

Yes, I did. I just put a copstache on my New Baby Cousin. It was too easy. Even her little monitor sticker looks like a gold heart-shaped badge.

I really hope my family never finds this blog.


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