Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Madames Andee and Grey will predict your future, but it probably won't be right. So yes, we will refund your $2.99 for the first minute, plus $0.99 for each additional minute.

It's time for the second half of Andee and Grey's Eclipse Soundtrack Predictions! And this time, we have a little incentive to make sure that we end up having to do something really embarrassing because there's no way we are getting any of these right are doing are very best creative thinking and getting those songs in their correct places!

So we will start with Song Number 9, Let's Get Lost. We are admittedly a little lost ourselves on this one. It's got this totally 80's feel to it, and we really need to know which 80's song it sounds like. So please go listen to it and let us know, because Grey is going crazy. The only place we can think of to place it is Sexy Make-Out Scene/Leg Hitch, but we really hope not, because while we want our Leg Hitch super hot and steamy, we do not want it porny. Just sayin'.

Song Number 10, Jonathon Low. We're cheating here, because we saw the clip of the wolves teasing Jacob about Bella finally coming back around, and this song is playing in the background. Yes, yes, cheaters never prosper. We know.

Song Number 11, With You In My Head. It's a little creepy, so we thought "bad vamps" immediately. However, we would like to give this song to a less recognized group of bad vamps and say that this song belongs with Jasper's Backstory.

Song Number 12, A Million Miles An Hour we also gave to the bad vamps, either when they're screwing with Seattle or when they are on their way to the Cullens. Newborn Destruction it is.

Song Number 13, Life On Earth is a hard one, but we'll have to go with Bella Reflecting On Becoming a Vampire.

Song Number 14, What Part of Forever. We had to think a little bit before placing this one, but we decided to give it to the Humans. Bella Hanging With Her Friends.

*Sample G-Talk convo about What Part of Forever*

Grey: ok so what part of forever is a high school song? did you have another suggestion?

Andee: no it seems logical there..but of course its probs wrong! :)

Grey: oh, of course, that goes without saying

Song Number 15, Jacob's Song. We are going to go out on a limb here and say that it definitely has Something To Do With Jacob, like maybe when he overhears about Bella and Edward's engagement, or when he is hurt. Or anytime he is on screen. Yeah, that should cover us.

Song Number 16, The Line (Bonus) is an action-packed song, so we're going to place it when the Cullens Train for the Newborn Fight. We say this because we've seen the clip of the Cullens chasing Victoria while Bella is in Florida and it has some weird music in there. We also think the actual newborn battle will be instrumental and epic. This song is like how Supermassive Black Hole went with vampire basebacll. It's got some fun in it's kickass-ness.

Song Number 17, How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep (Bonus), also known as the song that Grey first thought was titled just How Can You Swallow So Much and declared it the Most Epically Awkward Sexual Reference in a Young Adult Movie's Soundtrack EVER. Until she realized that her iPod wasn't showing the entire title. And we have no idea where this song will go, so we pass.

We're stopping there, even though there are still two more remixed songs on our deluxe album. The remix of Atlas would sound really good as Native American drums, though.

But since you guys were so nice to let us predict the soundtrack even though we promised you we wouldn't, we want to make this fun for you. So for every soundtrack song we have tragically misplaced here, Andee and Grey will upload a Youtube video that either a) act out the correct scene the song was in, b) act out our incorrect scene, or c) do an awesome dance to the song. It will be up to our discrection whether it's A, B, or C, but it will always be E.......for embarrassing.

We are super excited about this, and we'll make another prediction! (Good gah, it's like gambling, we're addicted!) We predict that we'll probably be making 17 videos! We hope you enjoy every one of them.


  1. WOOO! I've never been so pumped for someone else to fail before! Except for Evan Lysacek v. Victor Petrenko. Or that album by that William Hung kid from American Idol years ago. Or skinny jeans. Or every movie Lindsay Lohan has made since the remake of The Parent Trap.

    Don't think I'm going to let you two forget this.

    PS BONUS TRACKS??? Walmart fail. Now I must go research these songs of which you speak.

  2. YAYAYAY! I want you to fail on all of them! Is that mean and horrible and terrible?

    I can't help it.

    "Jacob's Song"? Is that for real? Odd...

    TO MISS "StotheP":

    Stop hating on Lohan. Sure, she's on cocaine and acid now, but she was adorable and perfect in Mean Girls. *sticks out tongue*