Monday, June 21, 2010

Spoon and Fork Spam

Oh hello, fork and spoon that are making out on a napkin  white beach blanket on the khaki shores of Hawii.


  1. I KNEW IT! Pr0n blog! I've been waiting for this moment...

    You finally admit it. ;)

  2. Woah. Just . . woah. I did NOT expect this of you. And here I thought you were really the genteel, delicate flowers you seemed to be. Next thing you know, you'll have *gasp* chopstick gifs or something.

    Also, wtf? Are you really in Hawaii? Can you HEAR me all the way over there? Kicking and screaming? Not fair.

  3. No, sadly, neither one of us are on the beautiful beaches of Hawii. Andee is currently working out of a closet on a community college and I am in my blue striped cube/workspace at a non-profit in south east Alabama. It's hot and humid and there is no giant ocean of Pacific-ness to jump into. If we went about 2 hours south, there would be a giant oily Gulf of Mexico, but we're not in any hurry to swim in that. There are no tropical drinks, no beautiful mountains that may or may not contain volcanos, no leis. Well, maybe for Andee cause she's married.

    Wow. Now I'm depressed.