Thursday, June 17, 2010

How can you make Twilight any better? Add shopping.

What is missing in this picture?

Exactly. Where is our Eclipse Team Edward cup to hold all our writing utensils? Where is our Confederate Soldier Jasper mousepad? WHERE IS OUR POCKET N*SYNC EDWARD TO STAND BY OUR COMPUTER MONITOR AND STARE AT US ALL DAY?

It really feels like we haven't been saturated in Eclipse Twicrap this go-around. And that makes us sad, because we love buying Twicrap that we have absolutely no use for but it makes us feel happy that we own it. The only Eclipse merch we've seen so far are posters at Wal-Mart! Even when Andee searched for Eclipse, this turned up:

Apparently there is a dude in there named Eclipse. Damn you, non-canon Star Wars character.

So we decided to go find Eclipse stuff for ourselves online. Here are some of the things we will not be able to live without this Twilight season (serious sarcasm included):

The Team Edward Locket, so that we can always have two photos of Edward close to our hearts. And lips--you know, for those impulsive kisses all throughout the day.

What our office cubicle/closet really needs: a set of Edward pens. Our writing will definitely be more emo from now on.

From "pens" to "pins", we really want these. When we were in high school, our parents used to wear their child's cheerleader/football picture button to the games to show support (and probably to brag that their son/daughter was a football player/cheerleader). We want to show our support for our favorite not real people when we go to see Eclipse in 13 days.

Pocket J.C. Chasez Eclipse Edward!

Life Size Eclipse Edward will come in handy when we have to re-enact all those soundtrack songs that we effed up in our predictions. We've always wanted to dance with Edward!

And finally, the most wonderous Eclipse item ever created:

The sleeveless button up. Stephenie Meyer personally authorized this herself, and Nordstrom was happy to oblige.

Do you guys have any Eclipse stuff yet? We think we can squeeze a couple of these into our secret Twilight cabinets at home!


  1. Yesterday I ordered a tee to wear to the midnight showing. It took me three weeks and four visits to cafepress before I could find one I think I might be able to wear in public. Yet I still felt faintly wuss-ish. I just can't bare my Twi-pride in public. It's shy.

    Thank, you, though, for all this invaluable research. I shall purchase a Team Edward locket to wear under my Twi-weenie tee. At least I will know my favorite sparkly vamp is in AND near my heart. And mah boobs.

  2. I don't have any Eclipse stuff. Sad face.

    I want! I WANT! But I haven't seen it. Boo. Hiss.

    I want the pens but only if they don't suck. And I think Little Fang needs NSyncward. Just cause. ;)

  3. StotheP--I would LOVE to know what t-shirt you got!!! I've cruised cafepress and drooled over all the super subtle twi-references. I need to whip out my credit card.

    Fang--What a fantastic way to educated Little Fang to Eclipse Edward and awesome late 90's/early 00's boy bands. You are a terrific mother.


  4. I don't know if a Twi-shirt could GET more subtle than the one I picked. It's just a fork with "Washington" under it. I figured it could also double as a shout-out to Forks, Y'all! Unless you sue me for infringement or something.