Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Flash Back....

Thought it would be fun to post an old email between Grey and I way before New Moon came out in theatres (way before this blog), while we PATIENTLY wait for Eclipse to come out....

Andee: Do you know that I can't stop thinking that I would LOVE to be this CATERER woman that got a call from Rob....I kinda wish I was her ALL THE TIME....isn't that sad?

Caterers...cute...but I'm pissed!

Grey: What I want to know is why the heck would Rob call the caterer? I mean, I’m sure the cupcakes were delicious, but he couldn’t tell them that at the party? AND WHY DID HE HAVE HER PHONE NUMBER?
Grey: We are about to get bombarded with Twilight stuff…it’s going to be INSANE! Only 37 more days until New Moon!!! KStew is going to be in Allure, Seventeen, Rob and KStew in Harpers Bazaar, KStew, Rob, and Taylor on Entertainment Weekly…I can’t wait!!! I am trying to find out when the Harpers Bazaar comes out—remember, that was the magazine where people said that they were going to “come out” as a couple!!!! Crazy Robsten rumors!! I love it! Ok, I read it was the December issue, which should mean it comes out in November. Really excited!

Andee: I know I really want to see that Harpars Bazaar and the EW!!!

Grey: This is one of my favorite New Moon pics so far of Edward. I like that emo look. Don’t get me wrong, I love the suits, too, but this is the emo kid I fell in love with. By the way, I bought another plaid shirt yesterday. But it’s red, so it’s at least bright. But it’s still plaid. Yep, I love rocking the plaid.

Andee: This is old rob...i like it better than his new old man clothes

Grey: And there are so many videos to watch online, but I can’t because I hate turning the volume up at work!! Grrr! I will have to watch them at home! I really need to watch the one where he’s on the show with the muppets! If you watch it, let me know if it’s awesome.

Andee: What new videos besides the muppets one?

Grey: And I need to visit the New Moon website and look at the Volturi Estate! I think I will do that now…hold on. Ok, it was pretty cool. Go visit!! I think I’m going to love Aro and Caius, but Marcus just looks weird to me. All the time.

Andee: Visited it...its pretty cool!

Grey: The more I hear about the movie “How to Be,” the more I need to see it—really, REALLY need to see it. When the quotes are “I have an erection,” and Girlfriend: “Are you lying to me?” Rob: laughs “No…a little,” you know it’s going to be funny! Plus, that video we watched was hilarious! Rob: “Are you going to my show?” Parents: “No.” Sweet.

Andee: Let me borrow it when you buy it :)

Grey: And I cannot wait to see Remember Me…the script was leaked, and I haven’t read it, but people have left clues and makes me think it’s sad. What if he dies? What if they help each other, fall in love, but don’t end up together? I think it’s going to be great! It opens on Valentine’s Day, I think?

Andee: Wanna see it too!

Grey: AHHHH! You can listen to the album on Myspace? What? I can’t listen to it!!! I am at work!!!!!!! OH NOZE!!!! I am super, super pissed. Guess what I’ll be doing at home? Chilling out to the New Moon soundtrack. For certain. Let me know how it is if you listen to it!

Andee: I can't hardly do anything with the music yet b/c I don't want to TORTURE my co-worker!

Grey: TODAY IS AN AWESOME TWILIGHT DAY!...Something is ringing in our office. It doesn’t sound like any of our phones. What the hell is ringing in my office?

Andee: God's calling you home...its the trumpet :)

Grey: “God’s calling you home. It’s the trumpet.” ...I will remember that forever, Jamie Lynn. I read that and giggled silently. Which really means I just grinned really big and in my mind, thought “HAHAHAHeeheheheHAHAHA!” Then I wanted to go and tell someone about it, because I thought it was so funny. But realized that nobody would get it, because they weren’t at my house the night that you thought that Jesus had called my mother home and we were “left behind.”...Maybe there weren’t that many videos, but I thought there were a few on Robsessed and Twicrack. Maybe more on Robsessed.....You don’t have earplugs? I may bring my earphones to work and listen to the soundtrack on Myspace. I need some New Moon. I CANNOT wait until November 20th. I am so ready, and I already have plans to go watch it again on Sunday. I will drag my Mom and Aunt, but even if they don’t go, I am going. My personal highest number of times I have seen a movie in a movie theater is only 2 and that was for X3. I went with the fiance, then went again with the Aunt. So I will be topping my personal best this year. ...I’m so pissed right now, because it’s supposed to be cool outside. And it has been cool outside, but I went outside to our parking lot because they were dedicating the country music mural that is painted on the side of our building, and the freaking sun came out. Now my boobs are sweating, and I can’t do anything about it because I can’t take my top off at work. Oh, and I’m starving because I haven’t gone to lunch yet. But that’s where I’m heading now.


BTW...Miss you Grey...hope your having fun on your work trip AND hope your not mad about me posting the "sweaty boobs" comment...but you all talk about my boobs all the time anyway, so it's kinda pay back :)


  1. I eventually found out what was ringing in our boss has started to use his phone as his calendar and it was his event reminder going off. He was at the front of the office and couldn't hear it, and none of us knew what it was, so we just had to sit through it. But at least now I know what the ringing is!!

  2. Hhahahah! I love this. Grey seems to be the chatty one.

    Sweaty boobs suck. ;)

  3. If "chatty one" is a polite way to say that I run my mouth and monopolize conversations...then yeah, I'm the chatty one. :) I type in stream of consciousness. Or however you spell it.