Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cullen Insurance--Coverage Guaranteed to Last Several Lifetimes

So even with Eclipse craziness beginning, I spent this weekend in a relatively Twilight-Free zone. That was not of my own choosing, of course--I would never voluntarily pull out the Twi-V that deposits stimulating Twilight goodness directly into my veins. But with house hunting and visiting my Grandma at the beach, (i.e., spending all weekend with the fiance and the parentals), the Twi-V bag was dangerously low.

I was afraid that it would be a Twi-Free weekend after all, until I saw this:

And all I could think was "How sad..." Because Edward Cullen is frozen in time as a 17-year-old and will never be able to fufill his dream of becoming a small time insurance agent in a Florida Panhandle town (that is not even on the beach, it's on the bay. Panama City and Panama City Beach are two different animals. The more you know...)

Edward Cullen, Insurance Agent. It was a sweet dream....that can never come true. Sad face times infinity.

"So, a full coverage policy, correct? No? A no coverage policy? I'm afraid I don't....quite.......ohhhhhh."

In happier news--People, Eclipse is coming out in less than 30 days! IT'S HERE!!! We have waited impatiently and now IT'S HERE! *Does an impromptu "It's Here!" dance in my cubicle* Unfortunately, I will be out of town when all the good stuff goes down this weekend. Yes, I will miss the MTV awards. *Stops impromptu dancing and begins impromptu sobbing* Thank goodness for the iPod Touch and Youtube, or I might cancel this conference trip outright. You Twitter people will have to keep me informed and up to date on the COMPLETE AWESOMENESS that is certain to be the MTV Awards.

And if Rob should happen to announce that after the Twilight movies, he is officially retiring from acting to open his own insurance agency, don't blame me. It's not my fault he reads this blog and is highly suggestable.

Rob...come to Dothan. Find Grey. Kiss her.

Kiss her good.

Hugs and Kisses and ECLIPSE, baby!

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