Thursday, July 1, 2010

We saw Eclipse. We feel hungover.

After arriving at the movie theater at 8pm on Tuesday and having to wait for 4 hours, sitting on the floor between some tween girls with staring issues and some dude who was laying on his back reading a World of Warcraft novel, finally getting to see Eclipse at midnight on Tuesday/Wednesday, getting 0-2 hours of sleep, leaving the house at 7:00am the next morning, working/house cleaning the entire next day, napping for only 2 hours, then still not getting enough sleep last night....

....we can safely say that we're pretty sure we barely remember Eclipse.

Now, we know that we thought it was awesome and epic, and probably the best of the three. And we know that parts were funny, parts made us sad, parts made us squee (and what parts made us mad, like how "Heavy in Your Arms wasn't in the actual movie). We know that the action was perfect, the romance was perfect, the whole thing was perfect. We also remember not wanting it to end so that we could stay in their world forever. <-------And that right there is what makes a movie really great, y'all.

So obviously we were impressed. But we don't really have a super detailed list of our favorite/not favorite parts, because to us, the whole movie was one fantastic blur....we will need to see it multiple times in order to do a more robust review. But here is a list of the things we can remember so far:

1. We spent the entire first scene (Riley chased by Victoria) pissed off because one of the VERY FIRST SOUNDS IN THE MOVIE let us know that we got one of our soundtrack placement guesses wrong. We are sore losers.

2. In the final battle scene, when Riley and Victoria ambush Edward, Bella and Seth, and Seth bites Riley's hand off, Pirate Riley was born.

"Avast, you scurvy seadog! Aye, I will surely beat ye with me stub! Arrrgh! And by me "stub", I mean my hand, ye salty pervert, ye!"

That's it.

That's all we can remember. We were that tired afterwards. Of course, the movie was teriffic. It was the best of the three. It had everything in a Twilight movie that you could ever ask for. Kristen was great, Robert was great, Taylor was great--EVERYONE was great. But when we tried to think about it the next day, the awesomeness and the sleepiness shut down our brains.

So we're really sorry we don't have a spectacular movie review for you. But at least we gave you Riley the Pirate.



  1. The most shocking thing about this review is that World of Warcraft novels exists. I am blown away.

    LOVE Riley the pirate... Did he have a cheeseburger, perhaps? ;)

  2. Why did you ask if he had a cheeseburger?? Did you say that because you know that I'm going to eat at Cheeburger Cheeburger tonight before I go see Eclipse again? How did you know that? ARE YOU STANDING RIGHT BEHIND ME?


  3. I get the tweet irony now! I get it!

    You guys are singing my song. You know, the one that goes, "I love it! It's perfect! I barely remember it!" That song.

    I agree with everything except the Jacob being perfect part, but I'm going to chalk that up to my having two hours more sleep than you guys. I could have done without the tent scene. Or the pity kiss. I could have done without Jacob in general. Ever.

    Guess what Pirate Riley's favorite letter is? No, not "Arrrrr." It's "Seeeeaaaaa."

    Get it? C? Get it? Bwahahahahaha! I keel me.

  4. StotheP,

    I had to read your joke 3 times before I got it. I feel chagrined.