Monday, July 19, 2010

There are no words. Only moving pictures.

So we're pretty sure that you guys thought we forgot about our little bet about the Eclipse soundtrack songs. You know, the one where we promised to do a video re-enactment of each and every song we placed incorrectly in the movie?

Well we didn't forget, we just needed an Andee and Grey Girls Only Weekend (No Boys Allowed Edition) to make it happen. And this weekend, it happened. Boy, did it happen.

Now, we did NOT do every single song we got wrong, just the ones we could think of funny things for. And we are super sad to admit that there was absolutely no alcohol involved in the shooting of these videos (Durn, we totally should have gottend drunk that night*Andee). They also took like, an hour and contain no porn. And we're pretty much just overall embarrassed for the dumbass things we've done that are now captured on video for eternity, or as long as Youtube lasts. But we did it for y'all.

So now, without any further ado, we would like to present to you our ultimate humilation. Here's to never, EVER trying to guess where the Breaking Dawn Part 1 and Part 2 songs go.

First up, the song "With You in My Head." It rightfully belonged to the Cullens Training for the Newborn scene, so we re-created that scene....sort of. Starring Grey as Emmett and Andee as Jasper...again, sort of.-If you only knew how long this one took to film haha*Andee

Next up we have our first Chop and Change video. We originally thought it would be used for Rosalie's flashback scene, but we were obviously wrong. But we s.till thought it would go well there, so we shot our own video to test our theory. Starring Andee as Rosalie and Grey as The Hyena You Hear Laughing in the Background (It's okay that you were laughing I totally tackled you to the ground*Andee).

This is our tribute to the unthinkable--two incorrect song placements in one scene, Atlas and The Line. Both were placed as music coming from Edward's Volvo during the Exchange scene where Edward hands Bella over to Jacob. They played for like, two seconds. We called bullshit, but did our video anyway. Starring Andee as Edward.

(What she didn't mention is the FREAKING SPIDERS ON THIS THING! I HATE ANY SPIDERS...and there were about 15 on it that I had to get a broom to swat them off for like 20 minutes until we could film the scene, yea I love you guys*Andee)

Finally, a video re-enactment of our very first moments viewing Eclipse, illustrating the VERY FIRST sound you hear in the movie. Which is coincidentially the very first soundtrack song we got wrong. Starring Grey as Grey.

Our humiliation is complete, and we hope you enjoyed it.

Andee and Grey


  1. I'm crying. CRYING. I can't decide what to comment about - something lewd about the size of your testicles, something unintelligible about the hilarity of everything (the THUMBS! the golf cart! the HAIR IN THE GOLF CART!), or just something fangirly about how you two are just like my friend and I, only a couple states removed.

    Thanks. For every second. Now I have to go tell everyone.

  2. OH MY GAWD!

    *fangirls* That was amazing.

    Thumbwars KEEEEEEELED ME!

    Then I screamed when you opened the door in the veil. (I don't know why, I knew it was coming but...)


    AND YOU ENDED ON MOTHERFUCKER! That was the best ending ever. SERIOUSLY.

    I am still dying laughing.

    I love you people!

    ... that's not creepy, is it? I SWEAR I'M NOT CREEPY! ;)

  3. We are SO HAPPY you guys liked it and weren't all "What the hell is wrong with these people?"!!!!

    StotheP--wasn't the hair amazing? Andee could totally be Robert Pattinson's stunt double. I am dressing her up that way in Baton Rouge, I don't care what she says.

    Fang--I really, truly, HONESTLY said mother fucker in the movie theater. Andee elbowed me in the boob for it. She could have stunted its growth, if it weren't already so small.


  4. One more thing: that last video? Exactly how I felt.

    Good thing we quickly got to see Riley's pretty face, or I'm sure I would have been stressing over how they misplaced my favorite song.

  5. Southern girls, FTW! I've been lurking after being directed here by S and Fangy, but this epic win deserves a standing golf clap, followed by a half-hog barbeque at my house. Y'all don't even have to bring your own beer.
    <3 - poochi

  6. poochi_mama, thank you for commenting!! I'm so glad you liked the videos!

    YOU HAVE A HOT SPIT IN YOUR BACKYARD? Can we come over? We will gladly provide the moist towelettes.

    Southern girls *are* awesome! Thank you for visiting!