Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Should you mention Twilight at a Job Interview???

I'm going on a job interview tomorrow and I can't help thinking I should bring up Twilight during the interview? It seems to bring people from ALL OVER THE WORLD together, right? Shouldn't I go ahead and tell them I have a trip planned with my bestie sometime between November-February to STALK the set of BD in Baton Rouge? Or is that little much?

I also have been having a dilemma on what to wear...I ALWAYS love wearing SUITS to interviews cause it makes me LOOK, and I stress the word LOOK, PROFESSIONAL! But I can't seem to find a suit that is flattering and appropriate for ALABAMA HEAT! So I've thought these dresses could be options...

 Who wouldn't want to see these Bella originals at an interview?

No? Maybe not BUT if I can't wear those dresses then I have to bring Twilight in somehow so what about these beauties with my professional suit?...

I could def tell them I would wear these EVERYDAY to work while I start a Twilight Book Club for employees at lunch!

So does anyone have any advice to give me before my interview???



  1. Ummmmm . . . don't quit your day job?

    I kid, I kid. The thought of someone seriously wearing that stuff to an interview makes me fist pump AND cringe. Then I think, "Hey, wait a minute. What if the interviewer IS a fan?" From personal experience in making real life Twi-connections, you'd be hired on the spot. Enthusiastically. And then asked what your favorite book is, what you thought about Jasper's hair in the movies, and if you have any merch. The Team question would have to be avoided at all costs until you were able to determine what side the interviewer's loyalties lie.

    Or maybe that's just me. I'd fire a Team Jacob on the spot. With extreme prejudice.

    Best of luck in the interview! You're going to be grrrrrrreat!

  2. Andee, I swear before God and all the hardworking hamsters that spin the little wheels that power the internet, if you wear any of that stuff, I will sneak your car keys out of your purse while we are shopping in Destin Friday, steal your car and leave you stranded at the Silver Sands Outlet Mall until you learn your lesson.

    That's a promise.


  3. I think you should wear the green dress with those shoes. Make a STATEMENT.

    OR you could wear a red sheet, have someone beat you up, and glue feathers in your hair. Edward loves haystacks or some such thing...

    That MIGHT get you the job. I'm not sure. But you WILL be noticed. :)

  4. Grey, I will wear Bella's prom dress shopping and you can wear the shoes...I'll share! And you are totally just jealous of my awesome fashion sense :)