Monday, July 12, 2010

Andee's 2nd Eclipse Viewing: "What do I have to do to see Eclipse around here? Sacrifice my debit card?"

So the day started out with me ALMOST being too late to see the START of the movie. See in my town our theatre SUCKS A PENIS and it doesn't have a credit card machine so when you want to see a movie and happen to not be able to go OUT OF TOWN you have to get cash....which I forgot until the last minute. So I pull up at the ATM and totally freaked out because I thought it STOLE my DEBIT CARD, it almost did because it kept it for a solid 10 minutes until it spit it back out at me and the screen said "TEMPORARILY CLOSED...OUT OF SERVICE" I almost hit the ATM machine so then I sped to another bank and got charged a freakin fee to get Eclipse Matinee was already not going so well but THANK GOODNESS I got there just when I heard "Chop and Change" Whew!

Then that's when I started to notice something...which was a little irritating at first and got worse through the whole movie....A BIG BLACK LINE ON THE SIDE OF THE SCREEN...I had to watch freakin ECLIPSE with a BIG BLACK LINE ON THE SCREEN...but it help point out some things I missed the 1st

Do you see Alice's mullet or is it just me? I mean, business on one side of the black line, party on the other, No?

And this was still hilarious and still very true from the 1st viewing....Pirate Riley....It might have even been funnier with the BLACK LINE...

****Note from Grey: Ooh, ooh! What if the black line was going like THIS....

....showing the audience the spot where Pirate Riley's hand will soon deviate from the rest of his arm, forcing him to be right handless, which is unfortunate because Riley was right handed, so if he has to write anything like notes or grocery lists in the five mintues before Seth the wolf kills him, it will look like either a monkey or a kindergartener wrote it, and that's not really intimidating is it?

Ok, I'm done now.***

And then I started to notice how Edward has changed from the first movie to the third...

He looks human in Twilight...he even has a little stubble....

He looks a little old-manish and alot whiter...

And now he totally doesn't look human in Eclipse...

Now, I'm not saying he isn't TOTALLY HOTT in all 3 but I wonder why they change him so much...and I think I've finally figured out why I feel differently about the Twilight movie than the others...I think it's because of Edward...he looks the most human in the movie, thus more attainable and the whole story a little more believable (if Vampires could be believable).



  1. You have the most epic paint skills I've ever seen.

    Now, the line sucks. I'd bitch that theater out. Who the hell doesn't accept credit cards? Except for my McDonalds. Ugh.

    Twi Edward is purty but I liked New Moon Edwardo too. AND Eclipse... hmm. Icannotdecideonanything.

  2. That's ok, Fang. I like all the Edwards. And Robwards. And Robs. And Robcobs. And duRobs. And Robrics....

  3. Excellent work, pointing out this evolution of Edward. I hadn't even realized, but no doubt this is because my internal monologue about Robward sounds like this:

    "OOoooooolook at the pretty so pretty wanna touch the pretty *drool drool* must remember marriage but pretty is so pretty argh gah frickin' gah oh, pretty i must have i want i need i need i neeeeeeeeeed"

    Dignity. I haz it.

  4. StotheP, I admire your willpower and ability to remember your marriage. You are a better woman that I would be...