Friday, January 29, 2010

Our Take on Outtakes

For your Friday afternoon delight, since everyone knows that NOBODY does actual work after lunch on Fridays, please feel free to linger over some of the recently released EW outtakes. Try not to be distracted from Mr. Sexy Britches (Rob's nickname of the day) by the awesomeness of our comments.

With all the drama on late night television, it was only a matter of time before Rob posed as Conan to help draw attention to Team Coco.

This is London's Best Dance Crew Rob, right after his dance crew just totally STOMPED their rival crew in the UK's hottest dance-off. "We are, yo!"

This is Drunk and Stumbly Rob, headed over to hit on you from across the bar. Rob: "Hey, mnames Bob...I mean, Rob. Djuwanna get outta here?" You: "Yes."

This is what Edward would look like ALL THE TIME had Stephenie Meyer decided that her vampires had fangs. So instead of being all hot and brooding, Fangward would look like someone farted.

The sequel to Drunk and Stumbly Rob--The Morning After Rob

Who wants to bet that this part of the EW shoot went like this:

Photographer: Ok guys, those last shots were amazing! Keep having fun with it, we want fun--smile, Kristen!!! Let's get some fun music in here! *opening strains of "What is Love" by Haddaway are heard*

Kristen: *rolls eyes*

Taylor: Aww, awesome!!! Night at the Roxbury!!! Chris Katan is a legend! How sweet is this?!!! *bobs head repeatedly before trapping Kristen between himself and Rob* Me? You? Him? You? Him? Me? Who, me? Him? Me? You?

Rob: *confused*

Kristen: I'm gonna need to take a break before the pelvic thrusting begins.

Rob: *confused*

"Umm....Mr. Pattinson? You have a little....uhhh....Hot the corner of your mouth. No, other side...."

Is this Rob's O-face? I'll be sure to remember that for future dream reference. You know it's just like that bathos scene in New Moon when Edward grunts at Bella.

Rob doing his best Taylor impression.

Rocky Rob. "Yo, Adrienne!!!" (There is an inside joke there, but we can't tell you what it is. Because then it would be an outside joke.)

Rob remembering that time when Cougar Cathy told him about her dream....that he was in..."I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth."

Zombie Rob doing the Robot. " Top 40 pop music while doing the only dance move that dorky white guys know how to do"

We grabbed all these from Robsessed. Thanks for the one-stop-shop for all our Robert Pattinson needs!

P.S. Dear Blogger,

Your randomness when it comes to spacing is giving us whiplash. Can you please not be on crack while we're trying to post?


Andee and Grey

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  1. Hmmm....I love Rob outtakes...funny comments, too! I love Drunk and Stumbly Rob, and the Hot Pocket one? Um yes please!!!