Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rob and a Wall. What does that make YOU think about?

We joke about Lower Alabama, but we do it with love. To tell you the truth, it's not that bad. While we definitely don't have all the fancy-schmancy things that a New York or a Los Angeles has, we work with what we've got.

And what Dothan, Alabama, has is the officially sanctioned vandalization of public property.

Boy, thug life sure loses it's edge when it's okie-dokie with The Man.

No, Dothan doesn't have gangs who tag our buildings (which we are very thankful for). What we do have are a bunch of downtown buildings with murals all over them. In fact, Dothan is a "Mural City." A local artist has painted 19 murals on buildings, each depicting a different piece of Wiregrass History.

Here's one honoring the Peanut, featuring Dr. George Washington Carver and the National Peanut Festival:

And another depicting the abduction of Elizabeth Stewart Dill, the only female survivor of an Indian attack on a U.S. Army supply boat:

Grey gets to work in a building that has BOTH sides painted with murals. One side shows the oldest African Methodist Episcopal Church in Alabama:

And the other side has Country Music legends:

Here is my favorite mural, dedicated to that most noble of animal--The Mule.

"Hey, Shrek, I'm on a mural!"

Ok, so while each mural showcases an important piece of Wiregrass history, some of them are pretty funny, like The Ode To Mules above. Another one you have to love is the Turpentine mural. Yes, that's right--an artist spent weeks depicting the once-great importance of turpentine. We hope everyone can appreciate the irony of it taking weeks to paint a mural about turpentine.

Turpentine, while a very important part of Wiregrass commerce back in the Stone Age, is kind of boring. We wish that they would let us choose some of the mural subjects. Then you would have awesome murals like this one:

OMG, Taylor is such a showoff.

Now this mural would really pull in some tourism.

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  1. Aahaha. If that were a mural I would definitely be one or the tourists trying to see it!