Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Origin of WTFYall: Part One, or Andee and Grey Meet Twilight. And Like It.

Andee first, cause she's the reason this whole thing started:

Soooooo...I was sitting at home bored and sleepy one day (ok, fine. I called in sick to work. What about it?) I scanned the pay per movies on my TV, and there it was...Twilight. I thought, "Well, I'll try it and see what everyone is talking about." I was immediately glued to the TV, ya'll, and I still can't really describe what happened, but there was SOMETHING about that movie! *Grey: And the "something" is Robert Freaking Pattinson. It's always been Robert Pattinson.* So after it went off, I waited 5 minutes and watched it AGAIN, of course. When my husband walked in on the second viewing, I automatically told him that it was the first time I had seen it. Funny thing is, I don't remember him even asking about it...maybe it was my first moment of Twi-induced guilt.
Do you remember where you were when YOU first saw this poster?

After that, I tried not to act like a scary freak for the hubby's sake, so I remained calm until I could make it to the local Wal-Mart *Grey: A southern tradition, for sure. Thank God for Wal-Mart* to pick up Twilight the very next day. gets a little fuzzy after that, because I can't really remember the next 6 days because it was a whirlwind of reading all 4 books, page after page, chapter after chapter, Twilight to New Moon to Eclipse to Breaking Dawn. My husband remembers it VERY well though. I didn't cook, or clean, or even remotely look in his direction for that whole week.

I would call my aunt (who had already read the books) to convince her to tell me what happened next. It was literally KILLING me. *Grey: She's not kidding. She MUST be told everything. There is not a spoiler out there that she hasn't pestered out of me. Eclipse spoilers? She made me spill them. Remember Me ending? She knows it. She even made me tell her what her Christmas present was.* Then I cried when Breaking Dawn was finished. But then I remembered that I could read it again another time, and another time, annnnnd another time. Just to make sure I got it, you know? And my husband would just look at me and say, "You're ridiculous!" every time I would start the series over again.

Do you remember where you were when you first saw THIS poster? I remember where I was shortly after viewing it for the first time--on the floor laughing.

So that's my story. But it continues with Grey and how I seduced her into reading Twilight. It was tough, let me tell you. I'm pretty proud of myself, because I've successfully "turned" at least 4 people, so I guess I'm someone's Carlisle (or Esme, because she's a girl...and I'm a girl. But I still love me some PFach.)

Are YOU someone's Carlisle? How many have YOU turned? Tell us about your first Twilight experience!


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  2. Aww, Andee! I'm so glad that you led me to a book that would steal my life away...I bet that my job and my fiancee are really glad too.