Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Our Bloggy Heroes

The most awkward part of a teenager's day--lunchtime

Imagine that it is the first day of high school...you walk into a crowded cafeteria at lunch time, and you don't know a soul. (For a clear mental picture, just imagine Bella's first day at Forks High School, or pretty much any cafeteria scene from any teen rom-dram-edy, because apparently, scenes that happen in cafeterias are very pivotal.)

The Cullens prove that all high school stereotype groups can get along: The Constipated One, The Arty Chick, The Jock, The Bitchy Cheerleader, and The Emo Kid.

You see this table full of fantastically good-looking vampires teenagers, and as you sit down at that lonely, empty table that no one every sits at because it has that wonky leg, you find yourself wishing that, maybe one day, you too could be a part of the in-crowd, the cool kids, the Plastics, the Cullens. If not for the fame and adoration and the social status, then at least so that you could sit at a table where you don't spill your drink every time you rest your elbows on the table top.

Wow. This is a nice cafeteria.

Since we got into the Twilight game after New Moon came out, Andee and I sort of feel like all those new kids in all those movies. There are already established, wildly popular Twilight blogs/websites out there, and here we come with our little podunk blog. Who do we think we are, anyway???

Our lunchroom was about 20 of these babies pushed together. Every other stool was missing, I swear. I don't know who would take them, or why, but they did. I bet Edward wouldn't have looked as sexy not eating at these tables.

When Andee and I would look at those fantastic cool-kid blogs (with their Lisa Frank folders and their hot pink Trapper Keepers with--OMG!--a Spottie Dottie pen/pencil holder that clips in, where did you get that???), we would immediatly begin e-mailing each other back and forth about what we read. We were lurkers, who instead of actually commenting on the BLOG, we commented to each other. Counterintuitive, we know. Those e-mails would turn into day-long conversations, and finally Andee told me that we had to write a blog, because if we were spending all that time talking Twilight, we might as well do it publicly--bloggy style. Yeah, I said it.

The Trapper Keeper. Mine was just as sexy.

So we really wanted to give shout-outs to all the blogs that really led us to creating our own. We do this, not only to honor our Twilight Bloggy Heros, but also to make sure that they know that we are not copying what they do. Because I remember how annoying it was to see little freshmen show up at a senior party, and we don't want to get kicked out of the senior Twilight Blog party for disrespecting our elders. (Did you guys feel like that in high school, or is it just a southern thing?) Oh, and also, we don't want to drink out of a beer bottle that someone has peed in, which, for the record, NEVER happened to us.

Freshmen would get dropped off at our parties. Which is weird, because they were in fields. How do you convince your parents to drop you off in the middle of a field? We would always set fire to something, the boys would never let us use their truck radios for booty music, and you had to sleep in your car. "Sure, son, I'll drop you off right here on the side of this lonely, country road. Riiiiiight."

Anway, so that UC and Moon from Letters don't have to ask themselves who the HALE we are, or STY and JJ from Twitarded don't start calling us "corncob knobs" (a southern addition to your creative cursing book!) behind our backs, here is a run down of all the people we look up to in the Twilight blogging world:

Letters to Twilight and Letters to Rob
Twicrack Addict

You guys bring awesome to people every day, and while we are really just doing this blog for our own personal satisfaction and love for Twilight, we hope that maybe someday, someone out there will want to read our blog like they read y'alls!


  1. WELCOME to the club ladies! we were all new kids on the block (oh oh ohhhh the right stuff) at one time. been there, done that and EARNED the tshirt. and now i can't believe we're considered the old hags on the block. HA! my how time flies. ANYHOO sounds like you're in it for the right reason: (rob) your love of the twi.

    go forth and prosper!!!!!!!!!


  2. Yay something else to get addicted too...keep it comin !!!


  3. Yay! Bookmarking you... Now!

    -Katie S (via LTT's twitter)

  4. JellyBeanRainbow said:
    "and here we come with our little podunk blog"

    You're on you way, girls. You made me laugh and it's all about having fun, right?

  5. Wow. I've never started reading a blog almost from the onset. Yay! Oh, and I found you because Moon and/or UC tweeted your link.

    Anyway, I decided to comment because your (collective) Twilight origin story sounds a lot like mine. Book snob. Movie snob. Watched Twilight twice in a row the first day. Le sigh. Good times, good times. So far, I'm Carlisle to 3 people, including my sister in law, my work bestie, and a girl from church. Go me. =)

    I can't wait to keep reading what you guys write. You speak my deep south language fo' sho'. =)

  6. JellyBeanRainbow wrote:

    " and here we come with our little podunk blog"
    You're on your way, girls! You made me laugh and it's all about fun, right?

  7. AHHH! I just did a happy dance in my room! I am SO EXCITED about people reading the blog!! Andee goes to bed at like 7PM or something like that, I swear, and so I can't call her to scream WE HAVE COMMENTS! So I guess you guys can tell that I'm excited! Moon--thanks for the bit of street cred!! We will work hard to make it as awesome as we can, ya'll! Thank you very much for all the comments! You sweet, wonderful people, you! Grey

  8. Hey you guys are from LA?! Me tooooo!!! I loved your Twilight coming-out stories...why are we always so in denial at first? My sister got me hooked on it after I made so much fun of her for liking that "stupid teen vampire story." Oh well. Good luck with the blog, ladies, I will definitely be following!

  9. Hey! I love you blog so far. Keep it up. ;D

  10. Hey lllllaaaaadies! [love me some RiffTrax] - and welcome to the bloggy Twidom - there's always room for a few more obsessed chicks who share a great sense of humor (and a desire to lure RPatts to their hometown...).

    Thanks for the shout-out! Sorry we are soooo slow getting over here to say hi! - but you know how we roll - lol...

    Oh and my school cafeteria tables had long benches. nobody ran off with then but man oh man they sucked and made you feel like you were in prison or something...

    : )

  11. STY--I LOVE YOU and JJ! You two are awesome! Thanks for the comment...I KNEW that blatant ass kissing would make you totally love us, too!

  12. It's so awesome that we have other LA-ers trolling the Twiblogs! thanks for all the love!