Friday, January 15, 2010

The Origin of WTFYall: The Second Part of Part One (seriously, people?) or Andee and Grey Meet Twilight. And Like It.

Grey's turn at the mike...
So Andee had been telling me about these books, the Twilight Saga, early in 2009. “Oh mah gaaaaah,” I thought (and that’s a pretty accurate description of how it actually sounded, to be honest), “No. No. I will not read a stupid series of YA romance novels about teenage VAMPIRES. No."

But Andee was smart: she wasn’t too persistent or anything. Never annoying. Yes, even then, in the early days of our Twilight obsession, she understood innately how to lure others into the fandom. I put her off, because at the time I was reading the collected works of Jane Austen. *Andee: Blah, blah, blah* Jane Austen versus Twilight…hmm…who do you think won? Oh, I was so foolish at the time.

This was the man I was in love with at the time. I mean, besides my fiance. Err...right.

You see, I was a book snob *Andee: VERY MUCH one*. My family and I have always been avid, I mean AVID, book collectors. We have books out the yinyang at our house. *Andee: she's being very honest here people!!! They have them under the coffee table, stacked under the dining room table, and literally up the wall* Why would I want to read Twilight when I could take my pick of meaningful literature? And don’t even get me started on the MOVIE…I had heard that it had A-W-F-U-L acting, *Andee: sorry, I love KStew...but she was def a mouth breather*, and if there was one thing that I was more snobby about than books, it was movies. And Bad Acting is my number pet peeve when I expect to be entertained.

Bella must have sinus problems. (Note: Bella rocked it in New Moon. MUCH better, KStew!)

Anyway, in May of 2009, Andee, her husband, me and my fiancé went on a trip to the beach. “You have to promise me that when you’re laying out (and by “laying out,” she really meant “sitting with every single body part hidden in the shade of your umbrella because, for a southern girl, you’re awfully pale”) that you’ll read the first part of Twilight. I promise that you’ll love it.” And since it was such a pretty day, and I was having such a good time, and she had stolen all my other reading material was so nice about it, I agreed.

Unfortunately, I can’t say that the Twilight fairy sprinkled her magic dust on me then, on a beautiful sunny day on a white sandy beach with the clear ocean in front of me. That would be too poetic, too perfect. Nope, the addiction to Twilight came later that night, when we were all getting ready to go out to eat and I suddenly got sick on my stomach. I mean SICK. Everyone else was looking forward to eating out, so I sent them on without me (in retrospect, such a Bella thing to do, right?) And after hurling my guts out all night long, the ol’ stomach finally settled down. I sat outside on the balcony to wait for everyone, in the cool night air, listening to the waves crashing into the beach, with Twilight in my lap. And it made me feel SO MUCH better. It...dare I say it? Healed me.
*Andee: Yes....I brought goodness to your life...well Stephenie did anyway. But I helped*

Best Friends Forever.

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