Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Do's and Don'ts of Meeting Twilight Stars Part 2

The second edtion of How to Successfully Engage (and Not Set On Fire) Twilight Stars focuses on Dr. Carlisle Cullen himself, Peter Facinelli. Now, Peter is well known for being very open and easy to approach by fans--I think he actually likes us or something. So getting a wave out of Peter really isn't too difficult.
Step One--Approach Peter. If you see that Peter isn't on the phone, eating with friends, actually filming or fighting off a newborn vampire attack (that last one is super important, folks), walk up to him calmly and politely tell him how awesome he is. He will more than likely be friendly, unless you have a) disturbed him in some unforgivable manner (like interrupt his grudging participation in the aforementioned vampire war) or b) have some kind of crazy stalker/potential homicidal maniac look in your eyes (we are not held responsible for your crazy eyes, you have to learn to control them yourself).  Barring these things, you can continue telling him how awesome he is, and maybe you will get a picture. Weep with joy and you'll probably get a hug. Based on personal experience, Peter hugs are awesome.

Some other useful information:

DO NOT APPROACH PETER WHILE SCREAMING THE FIRST THING ANDEE SAYS ANYTIME SOMEONE MENTIONS PETER---"I LOVE ME SOME PETER!" He will think you are a perv. Or a huge weirdo. Probably both, actually. Yelling at the top of your voice a phrase that is equivilant to "I love me some penis!" will probably guarantee Peter's fleeing the scene. However, if you must use this phrase, make sure you attach his last name, Facinelli. I predict I will have to work hard to help Andee control her love of Peter.

Another potential embarrassment? Misprouncing Mr. Facinelli's name. After countless minutes of internet research, I can now share with you the correct way to say his name. Maybe.

A Visual Diagram of How to Pronounce Peter Facinelli's Name






Ok, so that's TWO ways to say his name. Oh, well. Maybe if you say it really fast--"Hey, PeterFacinelliIthinkyou'rereallyawesome!"--he won't notice that you mispronounced it.

But that's probably when he'll notice your crazy eyes.

Andee and Grey

UPDATED: Audio added. Beware--this is my "I know I'm being recorded" voice. Also fuzzy at the beginning. Steven Spielburg I am not.


  1. There is no audio. I am disappoint.

  2. The disappoint had been replaced by a feeling of all powerfulness. Thank you for that video, my darlingest Greyling.

  3. OH HAPPY DAY. You have made mine. This is so great. SO. GREAT. I want to bounce and clap my hands but I'm at work and I don't really do that sort of thing anyway, but that's what's in MY HEART, guys. THAT FEELING.

    Love it.