Thursday, October 7, 2010

Some Important News About the Breaking Dawn Roadtrip--we will NOT be ordering the "I Banged A Vampire Down in Baton Rouge" tshirts after all.

Twitter told us today that Nikki Reed has announced that she will be down in Louisiana in a little over a week. A week!! That's no time! We are in super-fast-needed-it-finalized-yesterday planning mode, getting ready for our trip to Baton Rouge, where we swear we won't stalk these people like hungry lionesses, on the prowl for some fresh meat. Instead, we only hope to catch a glimpse of the magicness that is movie-making. But since most of the actual movie-making is probably going to be done on a soundstage, the magicness we're referring to is the magicness of Robsten walking around Baton Rouge like they are just plain ol' regular folks. And maybe seeing Peter *Andee: OOOOhhhhh I love me some Peter! P.S. Grey LOVES when I say that!* and Kellen and Ashley and Nikki and Taylor and everyone else involved. But mostly Robsten.

But even with all the preparation and the checking and double-checking of the lists, we've had a little change of plans. See, usually Andee and I are a two person tag team of epic awesomeness when it comes to our little "Girl Power" trips--especially the Twilight related ones. We have more fun together than any two people in the history of forever. We're like Thelma and Lousie, except without driving off a cliff. But if I had a nickel for every time we did the T & L hand-hold while heading into downtown Atlanta...well, I'd have 6 nickels. Sweet, that's almost a Coca-Cola at my office...what were we talking about? Oh yeah, me and Andee.

We renewed our sacred vows this morning over GTalk to never, ever, for any reason make a Twilight trip without both of us together. Like sisters, because that's what we really are, even if we don't technically have the same mother or aren't even slightly related. We're sisters in that "this is ME in another person's body" kind of way. Which actually sounds kind of weird. It's not weird though, I promise. It's just us, and I can't explain it, but it's totally there.

So the change of plans is this: It's not just the two of us roadtripping this time--it's three.

Yep, Andee's going to be bringing along a baby. Thankfully, it's the type of baby that is actually still inside her stomach. *Andee: It is currently the size of a seasme seed if you didn't know that, Grey, I have just informed you :) ...Which Grey thinks pregnancy is totally gross if you haven't figured that out by her blog posts from the past*  I would be so embarrassed if one of the outside ones threw up all over Robert Pattinson.

At least the inside baby won't have to stop every ten minutes for a potty break or demand to be taken to every Krystal we pass...oh wait, that will be Andee. Crap.


Aunt Grey

That's right boys and girls I am "with Child" haha! I'm pretty positive it is not a half human/half vampire baby named Renesmee so no worries on that front but if you've noticed they officially announced that little Makenzie as Nessie and now that I'm pregnant and will have the baby before we go see Breaking Dawn Part 1, I'll probably be able to coach Bella through some of her insane labor for instance, "Yes, Yes, that's the placenta, you need to get the baby out of the placenta, that's right, Edward, use your teeth, my doctors had actual surgical tools, but hey, you go with what you got"! This sure will be an exciting movie experience with me this time Grey I'm gonna gross you out big time!**Andee


  1. OHMYGOSH A BABBEEEEEE!!! Congratulations!

    How exciting for you and Mr. Andee. You must pass along the well wishes from the followers of your Twilight blog. We will all be looking forward to your next video installment, wherein you use your ACTUAL, REAL baby to reenact the birthing scene. I'm worried we'll need a sanitized version after BD Part 1. I hear it may be fierce, and Grey's right. Ewwwww.

    Soooooo happy for you. My first present to Andee, Jr. is restraining myself from pimping this post with the intro: "Hey, Twitter, Andee's been doing IT and doing it and doing it well."

  2. WOOT! congrats, Andee!

  3. Andee Jr. will be totally embarrassed by all his/her Twilight aunts. All is right with the world. Good job, Twilight aunts.