Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Thank you, Twilight Quiz. Best. Day. EVER.

Remember that Twilight quiz I posted about earlier? The one for the magazine I write for? The one that  validated my Twilight obsession by being accepted by a legitmate media source while simultaneously scaring the crap out of me because I don't want my grandmother to see this blog?

Well, I wrote it and turned it in today. I hope that it is go...HOLY BALLS I FORGOT TO TELL HIM NOT TO PUT THE BLOG IN THERE.

I'll be right back.

Ok, I'm back. Crisis averted. I am patiently/not so patiently awaiting confirmation, i.e. his word as a gentleman and a scholar that he will not put the blog address in the magazine.


The quiz will be a part of a feature in the magazine called the "Iron Bowlympics". See, here in Alabama, most people are fans of either the University of Alabama or Auburn University, and each year when Alabama and Auburn play each other in football, it's called the Iron Bowl. The magazine wanted a fun way to predict the winner of this year's Iron Bowl, so they are challenging an Auburn fan and an Alabama fan to a series of fantastical contests, one of which is....

....Yes, it's the Twilight quiz. How did you know?

The Iron Bowl. Now with sparkles.

The quiz had to be simple enough for men to do it. *snicker* I really tried to make the questions pretty easy, because most guys--if they have wives or girlfriends or daughters--are going to be exposed to Twilight in some degree, so they should at least get one question right. Still, it's Twilight and they're men, manly men about town who wouldn't be caught dead reading the books or watching the movies. Men who like football, not emo vampires who sparkle. Men who like strippers, not teenage girls who trip all the time. Men who like meat, DAMMIT, not whiny vegetarian vampires.

I needed a man to test the quiz on. I thought about my boss but I really didn't think it was smart to go up to him and say, "Hi, Boss! Can you take this absolutely irrelevant Twilight quiz that I just spent valuable work time creating?"

So I let the The Fiance' take it.

He got all the answers right. Even the ones that weren't multiple choice.

I cannot stop laughing.


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  1. You WILL link us eventually, right? I have to have the spousal unit take this quiz.