Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Breaking Dawn is just getting started and I'm already embarrassing myself.

Breaking Dawn is getting started!!! *excited ants-in-my-pants dance commencing in my cubicle* Bill Condon is already in Baton Rouge, sets are being built, preliminary set stalking has begun (see full info on the BD preparations at Mandy's Mind), and this afternoon, it was announced that Benjamin, the witness Egyptian vampire who can control the elements, was cast!

It. Has. BEGUN, Y'ALL.

In retrospect, that dream I had about Kristen Stewart last week makes total sense--like it was a premonition of the future Breaking Dawn excitement that is starting right as I type. However, with my luck,  it's probably more of a premonition of future embarrassment. You decide.

The dream began with me traveling out of town to where KStew was filming. I had done my research and was fairly confident that my hotel was Kristen's as well. But I had to know for sure, so for some reason that made perfect sense in the dream but is lost on me now, I went for an early morning jog in the field behind the hotel. *Kids, don't go for lonely jobs in fields behind hotels. That's what the complimentary gym on the ground floor is for* There was a mysterious dirt road running through the field, and I was freakishly positive would lead me straight to The Stew. Sure enough, out of the foggy forest, two huge tour buses came barreling down the dirt road. "I've found her!" I thought as I kept jogging down the dirt road while the buses passed me. I even waved, certain that KStew, while staring whistfully out the window, saw me. "Maybe she even waved back," I thought. Then I hugged myself, because the thought made me that happy.

I jogged back to the hotel, where college football fans were just leaving for a big game in town. I guess being back in the presence of people and away from the magical field of dreams where Kristen Stewart waves to me made me start thinking about what had just happened. Why a tour bus? "Kristen wouldn't be on a tour bus," I reasoned. "She wouldn't need a whole bus--she's just one tiny girl!" I had been wrong. I felt a little silly, but oh well, no harm done. "Nobody thought I was weird or anything," I thought, "just another vacationing exercise enthusiast who waves to strangers in tour buses."

Until I saw what I was wearing:

Right. Nothing weird there at all.


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  1. That is the cutest running outfit ever. And a fantastic dream. I bet KStew picks you to be her next fauxlesbian lover.

    Breaking Dawn (Every time I type that I write "Breaking Bread" first. It's annoying) is REALLY going to be in Louisiana? I thought StotheP was lying...