Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Grey's Post o' Shame

Yes, this is a genuine Post o' Shame, very similar to Pearls Before Swine's Box o' Stupid People seen below:

Except without the box.

Ten Things I Did Today That I'm Ashamed Of

1. Called some old dude in an RV an "asshole" for not getting into his turn lane quickly enough.

2. Spent the first 4 hours of work not working, because work yesterday made me miss this:

So there, Work.

3. (Refer back to #1) Possibly influenced Andee to also not work by engaging her in a lenghty G-Talk conversation.

4. (Refer back to #2 and #1) Researched Baton Rouge hotels and hotspots with Andee where we would--God willing--be likely to run into Rob, Kristen or any of the Twilight gang.

We need this to be us. Anyone have any cute elementary-aged children we can borrow to make us less creepy? Or does borrowing strange children make you more creepy?

5. (Refer back to #3, #2, and #1) Realized that what we were doing could possibly be classified as pre-meditated preparations for future stalking. Or at least that's what Rob's lawyers will probably try to claim.

6. Stepped in huge wad of baby blue bubble gum in the TJ Maxx parking lot and instead of using a napkin to get it off, I scraped it off on a random curb. Ok, the curb right in front of their entrance.

7. Ate an entire basket of O'Charley's rolls at lunch. By myself.

8. Made fun of Taylor Lautner's height. And laughed at his resemblance to an alpaca. Or llama. Whatever.

(@StotheP and @antisocialangel made me do it!)

9. Tricked our adminstrative assistant into picking up the dead bug on the bathroom floor by asking her to help me find so many dead-bug-pick-up tools that she finally did it herself.

10.  Realized that I didn't have a 10th thing to be ashamed of so instead posted my favorite LOLcat picture of the day.

10, continued. But then thought maybe that was really just phoning it in, so decided to at least show a Twilight-related LOLcat picture.

Closing o' Shame,



  1. I do not see what is there is to be ashamed of. All of this is true, and Edward Cat killed me.

    Also, I offer up my five year old but I must be with her at all times AND be the one tucked under Robert Pattinson's armpit smiling while attempting to not breathe. I just KNOW he smells.

    We will spy Rob and I will whisper in her ear, "THAT'S EDWARD. GO ASK HIM FOR A PONY." Her adorableness will win him over, I'm sure of it.

  2. PLUS we'll have a pony. You forgot the best part.