Friday, September 3, 2010

Wait, how many Renesmes will you need? You do realize this is Twilight: Breaking Dawn and not Star Wars: Clone Wars, right?

The past few days, this little munchkin's picture has been floating around the webs as a potential Renesme:

I'm totally going to skip over her brother (What? Of course that's her brother). I won't even tell you guys what I said about him to Andee when I first saw this picture, because he's just a little kid and big people shouldn't make fun of little kids because we're...well, bigger and we should know better. He's a very pretty boy. Who looks exactly like his sister. But they're NOT twins...apparently, he's 3 years older than her.

Since Summit is going to need, like, a billion Renesmes (please use real children, please use real children...), I would like to offer up to the Summit Powers That Be my brand new cousin for the role of 15th Renesme. What do you guys think?

Yes, that's a mohawk. Little cuz is hardcore. Maybe they could even work the mohawk into the story, like Alice gets hold of her and makes her all punky like Auntie Alice and Edward's all like "Alice, what did you do to my daughter?" and Alice is all like "Only made her awesome," and Carlisle and Esme join in, saying "We think she was already awesome," and so Alice says "Ok, fine--I made her aweseomer," and Edward just sighs and wishes that he could lick his hand and smooth out the mohawk but he can't because he doesn't have real spit.

Please don't ask me where this came from,



  1. I won't ask where it came from, but in exchange I want to know what you said about that little butch girl on the left.

    Adorable cousin is adorable. What happens if Rob holds her? Do you just rub her down with wet wipes for the rest of her life, careful to avoid the areas where they touched? Put her in a museum case? Or do you just make a cast of her little body and display it snuggled up next to an Edward Manillow?

    So many wrongs HAVE to make a right.

  2. I *might* have said that the bro/sis picture above reminded me of a young Samantha Ronson/Lindsay Lohan. Maybe.

    Answer to your Rob Holding My Cousin (I had to change that from Rob Touching My Cousin for obvious reasons) question:

    The correct answer is A. Rub her down with wet wipes for the rest of her life. The Hot Pocket filling fingerprints must remain there for life.

    P.S. I love you. Not the movie, I just love you.


  3. Did you know I was searching for a pic of this rumored Renesmee? Lord Google didn't have the goods... I should have known to ask you, G. You just KNOW these things.

    I still think Zac Efron should play Renesmee... That is, if your tiny adorable mohawked baby cousin doesn't get the role.

  4. I can't take all the credit--Twitter had a lot to do with finding the pic.

    Wait a minute. Twitter will never read this, will he?

    Then yeah, it was all me.