Wednesday, May 5, 2010

WHO'S WHO: The Stars and the Cullens

When the Eclipse promo pics rolled out, the very first thing Andee and Grey thought about was high school photo day--all the good little Cullen, Wolfpack and Volturi kids lining up in the high school auditorium for their 5 second flash of immortality for the year. (Well, in their case, for the rest of their lives, but that is totally not the point.)

The most important pictures you could take, though, were your senior pictures. And above that, Who's Who pictures. Because in Who's Who pictures, not only did you get to showcase your personality, but you also got to cement your future self--all your hopes, dreams, aspirations, talents--right there on those glossy yearbook pages. Because, of course, the labels you earn in high school ALWAYS predict your future. Always. Most Likely To Succeed wouldn't go to jail for drug-related charges. Most School Spirit wouldn't despise sports night at her house, and Best Buddies remain friends to the bitter end.

So we've given the Twilight Saga: Eclipse kids a place in the Forks High School yearbook. Here they are, your Who's Who of 2010.

Next: The Wolfpack!

*Special Note: Both Grey and Andee were Who's Who back in high school. Grey was Most Likely to Succeed, and Andee was Most School Spirit. Needless to say, Grey has not ever been arrested on any charges, drug-related or not. Andee really does hate sports night at her house, though.


  1. I ♥ this post so hard. (Can you tell I just learned how to do the li'l heart?)

    VERY informative. I actually had never seen that pick of Emmett, and now I am pretty sure that the hair and makeup people really ARE on a secret mission to destroy the Twilight Saga.

    The captions were so fricking hilar. You had me at "that one inch closest to your scalp," but at Jasper's hairtastrophe, I decided that I would, in fact, have your babies.

    Give it up, Grey. You know the only reason you haven't been arrested YET is because they haven't found Andee's body in your trunk.

    Too creepy? That was probably too creepy.

  2. I love it!

    At my HS, it was Mr. & Mrs. CHS instead of all around and it is always some couple that have been dating forever. Then they get married a year later and divorced within five years.

    Oooh. I wonder if that's what happens after Breaking Dawn? Poor little Nessie. ;)

    Nosalie? Rikki? What's her nickname? Nosalie is unintentionally hilarious.

  3. StotheP, I *heart* your little heart. I don't know how to do the heart, so I'll just say heart. If you want to teach me, feel free. Then I will *heart* you with a heart.

    Fang, we had Mr. and Ms., too. And it was always a datey couple. We kept trying to explain to everyone that it just means the two people who most exemplify the spirit of the school, but I think they were too drunk to listen, so it was a couple. Again.

  4. This is AWESOME!!! and yes, Rosalie is totally "most improved" - remarkables!! everyone else is totally fucked, but she looks really great. finally.

    p.s. is Betty White getting ready to give RPatts the "pinkie surprise" in that previous post??? yikes!

    p.s. happy birthday, ya'll! ok, just Andee... the JJ to Grey's STY... or is it the other way around???