Monday, May 17, 2010

WHO'S WHO: The Bad Vamps

Well, today was a very special day for our friends at LTT and LTR--those lucky chickies get to meet the Goddess Herself, Stephenie Meyer!!!! And QUESTION HER!!! Congrats to them!!!

We were totally hoping that somehow our blog was one of the losers in that magical hat Steph drew out of...

Anyway, onward and upward, to your last look into the Forks High School Class of 2010 Yearbook. So get out your favorite pen and prepare to sign Eric Yorkie's crack (Did you guys do this in elementary school? I totally did in 5th grade and got in so much trouble...) or craft that ultimate admission of your unrequieted love for Jessica Stanley in her yearbook (that you stole from her bookbag during lunch) on the page in the candids section where you two were actually in the same picture because of the bomb threat drill, cause this is it!!

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  1. Poor little Bree. Her death makes me sad. I actually forgot she existed. That makes me sadder. (<--- Is that a word? It looks so weird, yet no squiggly line shows up underneath. Hmm...)

    Have you ever seen that old picture where they sewed the head back on someone famous after he died? I can't remember who... King Charles? ANYWAY, that's what Felix looks like. Freshly sewn on head. Creeptastic.