Wednesday, September 29, 2010

See if you can find the part of this post where I admit that I don't actually work while at work.

You know how smells can bring back fresh baked cookies with a hint of pee makes me think of Kindergarten? Note from Grey: Oh, not vomit? I always thought I smelled vomit. And cabbage. Our kindergarten sucked.
I'll spare you a pee picture!

Well I had a moment today coming back to a work site I haven't been to in a while... if you didn't know this I travel a BIT for work and when I walked into my musty old dirty office this morning all I could think of was TWILIGHT **sigh**...I fondly remember being here and reading ALL DAY everyday for a WHOLE ENTIRE week the WHOLE TWILIGHT SERIES for the first time *Congrats! You found it!*  (I also remember not being able to find Eclipse at Walmart to buy so I had to actually go to the Library in this random town I'm at and get a LIBRARY CARD...I was desperate!)! And I will NEVER forget it!

But that makes me think how important Twilight is, it always makes me SMILE even when I have to sit in a musty old office 40 hours a week!

Special Post Scrip from that girl...umm, what's her name? The one that makes all the inappropriate comments and is afraid of ceiling fans? Beige? Something like that. Anyway, this is from her, to Andee:

When the smells of freshbaked cookies and pee remind you of kindergarten, where exactly are you? Because I don't think you need to eat the cookies from there...

Kisses (but seriously, don't eat the cookies),



  1. Smell memory - happens to me all the time!

    I agree with Beige. Please don't eat the cookies. I'd avoid the apple juice, too.

  2. Eww! Your Kindergarten smells sicknast... like a nursing home.

    Uncooked beans always reminds me of my Kindergarten year. We had a big table full of them. That was my favoritest thing.



  3. Yes, avoid the apple juice. And the beer, too. Although, if anyone is offering you beer in kindergarten, you should probably go tell the teacher. Unless your teacher was the one offering you beer. That's when it gets tricky. If you don't take it, she'll probably fail you. If you do take it, you'll become an alcoholic at the tender age of 6. Either way, you're screwed.

    I guess I don't really have any advice for this situation. But I *do* catch random whiffs of My Little Pony all the time.


  4. #Eventhishashtagsmellslikemylittleponies