Thursday, February 10, 2011

I go back to embarrassed all the time...

I love Taylor Swift's song, Back to December. Love it...

...and also feel like a total creepster listening to it. Because it's supposed to be about her relationship with Taylor Lautner, and boy, does Swifty leave her diary in that totally obvious "under the mattress" place and then leaves you alone in her room with plenty of time to read the whole entry about the failed romance that was T Squared.

I realize that sounds oddly specific, but I swear I've never peeked in anyone's diary. I am not a creeper.

This is a creeper:

Anyway, I guess the song makes me feel creepy because I feel like I "know" both parties. When I listened to Teardrops on My Guitar, I had no idea who Drew was, so it was more like just a song about a dude than an autobiography set to the stirring strums of a tear-stained guitar.

But I've spent the past few years addicted to Twilight, and you can't be addicted to Twilight without knowing a little bit about Taylor Lautner. I think he's adorable. I kid about Jacob and the imprinting thing, or how Jacob will never be as awesome as Rob, I mean, Edward, but I really do like him. And I LOVED it when Tay and Tay got together--we share one certain something in common, and because of that, I guess I was rooting for them. And when they broke up, I was sad in that "aww, that's too bad" kind of way, not the devastating, gut wrenching, may not come to work for a week if Robsten breaks up kind of way.

So listening to TSwizzle sing in the beginning about Taylor makes me feel like I'm there, watching her leave those roses he sent her. Sitting there on Taylor Lautner's birthday, watching his face as he realizes she's not going to call, seeing that big bright (really, really bright--seriously, I think he owns one of those bleaching chairs they set up in the mall. It's the equivilant of a tanning bed for your teeth) smile turn into a frown. Right about now, I start getting pissed off at Swifty.

But then when she talks about wishing she could do it all over again, that if they ever had the chance to be in love again, she would make everything all right. And I want to yell, just like someone on my Twitter feed did, "TAKE THE CHAIN OFF THE DOOR, TAYLOR!! LET HER IN!"

Aww, she's smiling at him from the passenger's side...

After all, she is swallowing her pride standing in front of him saying she's sorry for that night. Because after all, freedom ain't nothing but missing him, wishing she'd realized what she had when he was hers. She wants to turn around and change her own mind. She goes back to December all the time. And apparently, she wants all of us to go along with her.


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  1. I just watched this video the other day. I'm anti-Swift so I'm not sure WHY I was watching it, but I'm glad I did because now I totally get everything in your post and have HAHAHAed like a jillion times reading it. SO. FUNNY.

    I bet there were a million subliminal messages in that video, too. Like how he's sitting on those silver bleachers that actually represent a silver Audi. And how the ex-boyfriend is walking through the snow, which is her way of calling Taylor frigid except for maybe she should have just had him walking through a football locker room. Don't even get me started on the snow coming down in her room. Because obviously he has dandruff, and that's a pretty shallow reason to stand a guy up in front of the entire world.