Monday, November 14, 2011

So let's just pick up right where we left off, shall we?

According to the info at the top of my Blogger page, it's been 9 months since our last post. Some of you may have weeped when you read that. I apologize. Stop weeping.

Life's just been...real, man. I got married and got a new house, Andee had a baby (5 months old now!), and we had to wait a really long time before the next Twilight movie. So we just sort of...let it go. I'm still on Twitter, desperately trying to get @jasonsegel to notice me.

But I inadvertently created some Welcome to Forks, Y'all material when e-mailing Andee my opinion of the BD soundtrack. So I thought I'd share what I thought with you guys, too. 

A couple things you need to know--first off, the very first thing I told Andee was that the whole soundtrack was slow, sappy love songs. To be fair, I was listening to it while sorting through my filing cabinet, so I was obviously not paying close attention. Secondly, this is meticulously copied and pasted straight from my e-mail's "sent" folder, so just roll with it.

So without further ado, here are Grey's Vitally Un-Important Thoughts of the Music of Breaking Dawn Part 1:

1. End Tapes--even though I said they were all sappy love songs, the 1st song actually has a upbeat tempo. I can't tell what they're saying though. It's probably because I'm typity-typing and can't hear over the keys. Nope, I just can't tell what they're saying. Vote: I like it, but WHAT ARE YOU SAYING, SONG??

2. Love Will Take You--the horn is a little weird. Again, this one actually has a little beat to it in the back ground. Nice vocals.  A dude and a little voice girl always sounds good. Vote: Good, but I'll probably need to see it in the movie to be like, SOO GOOD. (Note: A few more listens and this song is now dangerously close to SOO GOOD already.)

3. It Will Rain--this is the Bruno Mars song that has already been released. It's good, but since it seems like the first singles from the Twilight soundtracks never make it in the actual movie, I bet it will be in the credits. But I like it. I already bebop around singing it. That and A Thousand Years, but we'll get to that one later... Vote: Like it mucho mucho.

4. Turning Page--Ok, this is the one someone said could be when she dies. I guess it's the lyrics "If I only felt the warmth that's in your touch, if i had only seen how you smile when you blush...I would've know what i was living for..." It's almost like looking back at something he had. Sweet, sweet. Maybe my favorite so far. I love the voice. It's a weird dude voice, but it's super cool. More listening and now my vote is : I LOVE IT. (Side thought: Oh geez, what if it's a JACOB AND NESSIE song?????? NOOOOO.)

Note: This song. THIS SONG. I changed my mind very quickly after sending Andee this e-mail. I decided this was a "first time" song. But then I kept singing it in my head and picturing poor Edward standing there, looking down over Bella's lifeless body, and I almost lose it every time. Inconveniently, this always happens in the car. THIS SONG. This is the very, very best song.

5. From Now On--Ok, I eat my words. This is an upbeat song too. I don't know what I was thinking. So far, typical indie rock-ish song. Feels like stuff that's been on New Moon and Eclipse. A little part of it actually sounds childish, like music from a children's song. Vote: Like it, won't skip it.

6. A Thousand Years--This is the other song that's already been released. I walk around singing it too, but there's something about it...I like it and it's good, and it's very clearly an Edward song, but maybe it's a little...uncreative? I don't know exactly how to explain it. Like it's too obvious? Obviously wedding-y? I like the music to be a little weird. But it's good, and like I said, I sing it a lot. In fact, I'm singing along right now. The video for it is already out if you want to watch it. This is that Jar of Hearts girl, btw. Now THAT was a good song. Vote: Like it, won't skip it.

7. Neighbors--Ok, never listen to me again. This is like a soft core rap song. Obviously, it's not just a slow soundtrack. I was REALLY not paying attention. I haven't even listened to the whole thing again, and I like it b/c you know how much I love a soft core rap song. Dude's name is Theophilus London. That alone makes this a good song. Vote: rock it, Theophilus.

8.  I Didn't Mean It--This is YET ANOTHER NOT SLOW SONG. I love the beat and the melody and the "whoo-hoo-oo". Lot's of "I said I didn't mean it" being thrown at you. But definitely good to stomp around the house while sweeping. Vote: If I said I didn't like it, then I didn't mean it. :)

9.  Sister Rosetta--This is actually not an original song. And since they've shown clips of the honeymoon (Bella getting her "human minute") we know where this song plays. It's cute and it goes well with Bella freaking out about losing it to a really hot vampire. P.S. Again, not a slow song. Vote: Cute, cute, cute. (See, it really helps knowing where it goes. It can influence your opinion.)

10. Northern Lights--Oooh, bells. I love bells. Little bit of a techno beat back there, too. Actually reminds me of a Britney song. Vote: Like it.

11. Flightless Bird, American Mouth Wedding Version--OMG if you get chills when Bella and Edward dance at prom, you will SOB at this one. SO HAPPY they tied the first movie to the ending ones. Oh, it's good and it will be so, so sweet in the movie. If I was a cryer, I'd be doing it now. EDWARD AND BELLA 4EVER. Vote: Love.

12. Requiem on Water--The title is more like a funeral song, but the song itself is not sad enough. (Note: Listening to it now, is it about a dead body in the water? B/c that *would* be sad enough, I would think.) It's just pretty and makes you feel like you were in the middle of a pretty lake on a gently rocking boat on a pleasant day. Does that make sense? It's also really short. Vote: like it.

13. Cold--Now this song has a creepy sadness to it. It's got to be a song during a "bad" part of the movie. I love the chick's voice. Ok, this song is very haunting, really goosebumpy. Vote: Love.

14. Llovera--This is actually sung by the girl that plays the nomad vampire Carmen in the movie. She's an opera singer. Vote: It's ok.

15. Love, Death, Birth--it's just instrumental music. I usually skip those except for the stuff on the New Moon soundtrack. I'm sure it will be good in the movie, but I like singing along! Vote: There are no words.

16. Like a Drug (bonus)--Upbeat jammy song. But part of the chorus is horrible. Vote: It's k. (Note: I think this was the last time I listened to it, actually.)

17. Turning Page instrumental (bonus)--The music only version of the song above. Without the dude singing, it actually sounds like it could be a "first-time" song. It's obviously important if they include it twice on the soundtrack.

18. Eclipse (All Yours) (bonus)--A total wedding reception version of Eclipse (All Yours) from the last movie. Cute. 

And there you have it! Andee and I are going to see BD Part 1 on Saturday which is, once again, MY BIRTHDAY! Happy birthday to me--going to see some vampires get it on and have babies and fight wolves and get married and destroy pillows!!! Best birthday ever!


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